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Packing a Business Moving Essentials Box

Moving into a new office space is an exciting accomplishment. You don’t want to spoil the excitement on the first day by not knowing where your business essentials are. Packing a business moving essentials box will ensure that your team is productive from day one in your new office. It will allow you to have a smooth transition and settle into your new location faster so that you can return to business as usual as quickly as possible.

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What Goes in a Business Moving Essentials Box?

Business essentials are the items you use on an everyday basis at your desk.
Common examples of business essentials are:

  • Office supplies: pens, paper, staplers, paperclips
  • Important documents (insurance, agreements, and contracts)
  • Notes on current projects
  • Front desk phone
  • Laptop

Before packing your essentials, it’s a good idea to clear out your desk. Get rid of any trash, pens that don’t work, and documents you no longer need. Shred old documents that may have sensitive or confidential information on them (as long as you have them stored digitally or you’re 100% sure you won’t need them in the future).

Determine What the Essentials Are for Your Business

The exact contents of a business moving essentials box will be a little different for every organization. Take some time to determine what they are for your business and make a list. You can use this office moving checklist as a starting point. We recommend that each employee pack their own box of business moving essentials. This will help to divide the workload and will allow each person to be responsible for their most important items.

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In addition to employee essentials boxes, pack another box for shared essentials such as cables and electronics that you’ll use right away. Make sure to keep phones with their corresponding chords. The same goes for monitors and computers. Another tip is to label individual computers with the user’s name or the location where the computer will go in the new office. This ensures that each employee and department receives the correct devices with their documents and information. Check out more tips for office moves here.

Pack Your Business Moving Essentials Box Properly

Make sure employees label their business moving essentials boxes with their name and the word “essentials” written clearly on multiple sides of the boxes. This makes the boxes easy to distinguish and ensures they won’t get mixed up. You can also use a strip of brightly colored tape to help these boxes stand out even more.

Properly labeling all of your boxes will keep things organized. When transporting the boxes, you’ll want to load your business moving essentials boxes last so that they are the first boxes to be removed from the moving truck.

For a more detailed guide on how to prepare for your office move check out this blog post »

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Protect Your Business Assets by Hiring White Glove Movers

If you want extra peace of mind knowing that your business assets are safe, then choose a full-service, white glove moving company like Megan’s Moving. We do everything—from packing to moving and unpacking—with extra care. We also specialize in business relocations. We work with various business types including corporate offices, industrial facilities, and retailers. We’ll set up your furniture, reconfigure modular systems, and reinstall your electronics. Don’t even worry about the mess that can result in moving. We’ll clean up after the move, clear up leftover debris, and polish up your new space.

We hope this guide has helped you plan out your business moving essentials box. We understand how important it is to reduce downtime for your business. Our goal is to help you have a quick and seamless office move. Request a quote for your full-service office move today.

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