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What Is White Glove Moving?

You have style, taste, and class and appreciate the finer things in life. You work hard for the things you own and therefore, you take great care of your belongings. When it comes to moving, you want someone who will handle your items with the same care you would. You deserve a moving company that goes above and beyond to protect your property so that everything can arrive at its new location safely, unscathed, and in its original condition. That’s why Megan’s Moving recommends white glove moving services.

What Is White Glove Moving?

The very definition of a white glove service is that it is marked by special care or attention. White glove moving is a luxury moving service in which trained professionals go the extra mile to relocate your belongings safely, efficiently, and with great attention to detail. Hiring white glove movers is especially important when moving high-end and/or fragile items. Only white glove movers have experience relocating these types of items safely.


Megan's Moving crew carrying chairs into a large home


White Glove Moving vs. Standard Moving Companies

Unlike standard moving companies, white glove movers take extra measures to protect the pieces they transport. For example, at Megan’s Moving, we offer state-of-the-art padded moving trucks to further safeguard your items against scratches, gouges, and breakages. The padding is securely attached to the walls of the truck, keeps furniture from colliding together, and offers shock absorption for bumpy travel. The attention to detail that white glove movers offer is incomparable. Standard moving companies usually focus on moving your things as quickly as possible, which often results in lost or damaged items. Also, be aware of hidden costs that standard moving companies may fail to tell you about upfront.

Another drawback of standard moving companies is that many of them can’t move all of your things. As we mentioned in our last post, this is the one question you must ask your movers. Standard movers aren’t always trained to handle bulkier items and may not have the proper equipment to move them safely. Don’t risk damaging valuables like your one of a kind antiques. Hire a white glove service like Megan’s Moving that has trusted partners who are experienced in moving specialty items from pianos to hot tubs. This way, you won’t have to go through the stress and hassle of hiring multiple moving companies.

White Glove Movers Offer Full-Service Moves

Packing and Unpacking

A key difference between white glove services and standard moving services is that white glove movers offer full-service moves; not only do they focus on moving things from one place to another, but they also handle the packing and unpacking, too. Anyone that’s moved before can attest that these are often the most stressful and time-consuming parts of moving. At Megan’s Moving, we provide all the packing materials. In addition to carefully wrapping and packing each of your items, we inventory them so you can easily locate them during your move.

Setup, Installation, and Assembly

Our white glove, full-service moving doesn’t stop at unpacking. We’ll also set up everything for you, too. We’ll hang up everything from pictures to artwork and television sets. We can install anything you need and can even assemble your furniture. Want to find the best way to arrange your furniture in your new home? Our sister company, MHM Professional Staging, also offers redesign services to help you find the perfect spot for all of your furniture in your new home.


Dolling sitting in the front entryway of a home with padding on the doors and a floor runner protecting the floor


Your Belongings Are Safe from Damage and So Is Your Home!

We know protecting the homes you are moving out of and into is just as important as the items being moved. That’s why we have custom tools that safeguard your homes. We use floor runners to protect your floors and keep them free of debris and dirt. Our custom-fit rail coverings protect stair handrails and our custom-fit door jam protectors protect your doors from dings and scratches while furniture is being moved in and out of rooms. For extra safety precautions, we use ramps when moving heavy items up or downstairs. When you hire Megan’s Moving, you can be sure that your beautiful home is safe in our hands.

Six in ten people say that moving homes is their most stressful life event. If you want the easiest and least stressful move possible, choose white glove moving services. You deserve it! Request a quote for our white glove moving services today.

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