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Fun family activities in Orlando

Are you moving to Orlando? You might just be surprised by how much more there is to do outside of the theme parks. Although it’s known for its tourist attractions, there are so many other fun family activities in Orlando. We’ve compiled a list of fun activities that your family can enjoy here in the…

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Couple on a couch helping their dog adjust to a new home

Moving is a big event for the whole family, including our furry friends. While some dogs can adjust to a new home with ease, others find it a bit more difficult. Anxious dogs can experience a lot of stress during a move and may struggle to adjust to their new environment. The transition is also…

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Two hands interlocked in a handshake in front of a house

Meeting new people, especially neighbors, can be tough and even a little awkward. Breaking the ice doesn’t come naturally to most people. You may also feel so busy after your move that you think you just don’t have time to hang around and get to know everyone. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to introduce…

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Family having fun after a move

A move can be a stressful experience for everyone involved. At the very least, your life will feel a little uprooted for a while as you settle into a new home, a new community, and a new routine. Before you dive into unpacking and settling in, though, it’s a good idea to take a breather.…

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