Packing Tips

Guide to Packing China, Heirlooms, and Glassware

Packing china dishes in a box

When preparing to move, packing china, heirlooms, and glassware can be an anxiety-inducing task. Whether it’s an exquisite set of dishes you inherited from a relative or gorgeous stemware you purchased on impulse, packing these fragile items requires great care and attention to detail. Many homeowners have had sleepless nights wondering if they put enough…

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Why You Should Never Pack for a Move

Stressed out woman sitting on the floor and packing for a move

Getting ready to pack for a move? Stop right there. Before you spend hours picking up supplies—and probably making multiple trips to do so—consider for a moment that you have an alternative. You do not have to deal with the stress and headache of trying to pack your belongings. You do not have to worry…

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5 Tips for Unpacking after Moving

Megan's Moving team unpacking boxes

Moving is stressful but unpacking doesn’t have to be. At Megan’s Moving, we’ve moved families and businesses of all sizes. In all that packing, moving, and unpacking, we’ve learned a thing or two. In this post, we’d like to share five unpacking tips to help you unpack after a big move. Tip #1: Get Help!…

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Why Getting the Right Moving Boxes Is Important

When it comes time to move, moving boxes are at the top of the list of items you need to stock up on. There are a variety of places to get moving boxes from, but not just any boxes will do. In fact, the wrong boxes can spell disaster and end up costing you your…

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