How to Keep the Unpacking Process Organized

How to Keep Unpacking ProcessOnce you’ve moved into your new home, it is so exciting to get everything unpacked and set up so you can start enjoying it. At first, it can seem overwhelming to look at all the boxes and think about the work that is ahead of you. However, if you prioritize and keep the process organized, it will be a lot easier than it looks.

We have some easy tips for unpacking your new home. If you follow these, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you’ll be able to start enjoying your new home and how smooth the process of setting it up can be.

How to Keep Unpacking Process for Your New Home

Inventory your items while packing

One of the best things you can do to make the unpacking process smoother happens before you move in. When you’re packing up your home, make an inventory list for every box. It doesn’t take a lot of extra time and will save you a lot of headache in the future. Not only will you know what is in every box without having to open it first and be able to quickly find anything you need, you’ll also know whether anything was lost in the process of moving. (Click here for our easy instructions on inventorying your move.)

Don’t rush

It’s common to feel anxious to have your new place unpacked and set up as quickly as possible, but try not to push yourself too hard. Rushing will make you burn out faster and you’re more likely to make mistakes that will cost you time in the future when you have to re-organize things to fix them. Take your time and try to even have some fun while you’re doing it!

Give the home a good cleaning

Before you start, give your new home a good deep cleaning. A lot of people will have been tracking through the home during the move, so freshening it up will make the place start to feel more like yours and make setting it up far more pleasant an experience.

Start with the essentials

When packing up your home, pack certain essentials in separate boxes that are clearly labeled so you can unpack them right away. (Click here to see what we recommend packing in your essentials box.) They should include necessities like toilet paper, paper towels, prescriptions, and cleaning supplies.

After those are unpacked, focus on the essential spaces. The kitchen is a good place to start. If you have a lot of items in the kitchen, focus only on the most important things at first, such as food and the items you use on a daily basis such as pots and pans, utensils, and dishware.

Next, set up the bathrooms. These are usually very quick and easy to get completely set up.

After that, set up the bedrooms. Again, you don’t have to unpack absolutely everything right away but start with the important things like putting together the bed and putting clothes away.

All of these areas will make living in your new home more comfortable while you get to work unpacking and setting up the rest of it.

Avoid electronics

Unless you have kids that need to be kept busy with the television, we recommend holding off on setting up your electronics as long as possible so you don’t get distracted. It’s easy to get pulled into really long breaks when you are tempted to sit down and watch a marathon on Netflix.

Unpack storage last

Anything you plan to store away in closets and that you don’t touch regularly should be the last things you unpack. Focus on the most important things that you use on a day-to-day basis and then work down the list of priorities from there.

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