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5 Things Worth Paying for When You Move

Although moving is a dreaded, time-consuming task, there are ways to make it easier and less tedious. It’s all about setting yourself up for success. The faster you finish moving, the sooner you will be able to settle into your new home. To minimize the time you have to spend moving, you will want to include the following five things in your moving budget.

1. Quality Packing Materials

You don’t want to improvise when it comes to gathering packing materials. Don’t rely on just using whatever you have lying around. You may be saving money upfront, but you could end up easily exceeding your moving budget if you break something and have to get it repaired or replaced. Keep all your belongings safe and intact with proper packing materials like the ones listed below.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are great for protecting furniture during moves. They can also help you move large pieces of furniture. Simply place the furniture on top of the moving blanket and then pull the edges of the blanket to slide the furniture across the floor. Once you move into your new space, you can use moving blankets as a drop cloth to protect your floors when painting the walls. The best way to use moving blankets, though, is to combine them with stretch wrap. First, wrap the moving blanket around your furniture. Then, use stretch wrap to keep the blanket in place.

Stretch Wrap

Appropriately named, stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that can keep items tightly bound. Since it has no sticky residue like tape it’s easy to apply and remove. You can use stretch wrap to keep drawers and cabinet doors shut when transporting your furniture. Or, as we mentioned above, you can use stretch wrap to keep your moving blanket securely wrapped around furniture.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is essential for keeping your fragile items safe. To wrap your valuables, lay them flat on the bubble wrap with the bubble side up. Many people make the mistake of facing the bubble side outward, which is not as effective as wrapping with the bubbles on the inside. When you wrap with the bubbles on the outside, the bubbles can easily pop from contact with sharp objects, compromising the pieces inside. After you wrap the bubble wrap around each item a few times, secure it with tape.

2. Packing Service

Don’t let moving completely interrupt your life. Paying for a packing service will save you from the hassle of finding the quality packing materials you need. A packing service will take care of this step for you. They also have the expertise and experience to use these packing materials properly, which decreases the risk of damaging your belongings.

3. Unpacking Service

Moving all your belongings from one place to another is already exhausting, and you still have to find the energy to unpack all of your items. Often times, people procrastinate and live out of boxes for the first few months. But you deserve to enjoy your new home as soon as possible. That’s why it is worth it to make room in your moving budget for unpacking service. Experienced professionals will be able to unpack your possessions quickly and efficiently. Some companies will even set everything up for you. At Megan’s Moving, our movers can hang artwork, televisions, and photos so that your new space begins to feel like home right away.

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4. Design or Redesign of Your New Space

After you move and unpack, you will want to turn your new place into a space that you will love. It’s worth hiring an expert to help you design it. Consider design services from our sister company, MHM Professional Staging. MHM’s designers can design a beautiful and functional space that is tailored to your unique tastes, preferences and lifestyle. In addition, MHM offers redesign services, which uses your existing furniture.

5. White Glove Movers

If you want to put the entire moving process on auto-pilot, hiring white glove movers is worth every penny. White glove moving is a luxury service that will give you the movie star treatment that you deserve. This all-inclusive service takes care of every part of the moving process and covers all of the other items on this list. In addition to safely moving all of your things, white glove movers like Megan’s Moving will pack, unpack, and set everything up just how you would like it in your new home.

At Megan’s Moving, we make your move as painless as possible. Adding the aforementioned items into your budget will ensure a stress-free move. Simplify the process and save even more time by choosing white glove movers as your one-stop-shop moving solution. Request a free quote for your full-service move today!

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