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How to Have a Merrier Move During the Holidays

Moving can be a stressful time, and moving during the holidays can compound that stress. What should be a joyful and festive time of year can turn into a very different experience when you realize that you need to declutter, pack, and move your entire household at the same time.

Although moving during the holidays is never ideal, there are ways that you can ease the stress so that you don’t have to sacrifice the joy of spending time with loved ones. In fact, it’s completely possible to enjoy the holidays and have a successful, efficient move.

Here are our tips for moving during the holidays to ensure that both your move and your holiday are pleasant experiences:

Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Don’t Skip the Holiday

There are a lot of things to do during a move and it can be a hectic time, so skipping the holidays completely can be tempting as short-term relief. However, this can be the worst thing to do, especially if you have children. Engaging in the holiday has actually been known to help reduce your stress level rather than aggravate it.

Keep your traditions as much as you can to retain some normalcy. This will lift everyone’s spirits as they go through the big change of moving from one house to another. Even if you can’t stick to every tradition, follow as many as you can. You’ll be glad you did.

Keep Holiday Décor Accessible

Decorating your whole house during the transition may not be reasonable, but we do recommend keeping a few of your favorite holiday décor items available when you’re moving during the holidays. Put them in a separate box with your other essentials so that you can quickly and easily set them out once you’re at your new place. This may be a small or large tree, a menorah, some garland, a wreath, stockings, or other decorations that will give you that comforting sense of home.

Three children wearing holiday attire, standing in front of a Christmas tree

Create a Festive Atmosphere

Beyond the décor, keep the joy and festive nature of the season throughout your move. This may sound impossible at first, but some simple things can make all the difference in keeping up the holiday spirit. Play holiday music, wear Santa hats, and take breaks to snack on holiday-themed desserts such as melting snowman cookies (even if you pick up premade ones at the grocery store or pop the ready-bake ones in the oven).

Schedule Your Movers Far in Advance

The holidays are a busy season for everyone. If you need to move during this time, then be sure to book your movers and any other services you’ll need at least a few months in advance. This will allow you to lock in your schedule so that you can plan everything else around the logistics of your move.

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Use a White Glove Moving Company

A white glove moving company such as Megan’s Moving can provide a full-service move. That means they will take care of the packing, moving, and unpacking for you. There is no better way to ease the stress of moving than to hire professionals to take care of it for you!

Take Time to Relax

It’s most important to take time to relax during your move, especially during the holidays. Get out of the house as much as you can, even if it’s just to walk around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights. For your holiday feast, go out to dinner or head to a friend’s or family member’s house to take the stress off of you for a while. Even if you just grab some pizza and watch Christmas movies, you’ll be a lot better off for it.

We hope these holiday moving tips make your move easier and your holiday more enjoyable. From everyone at Megan’s Moving, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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