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Moving is a lot easier when you know all the best tips and tricks.

Here are some moving tips and packing tips to help you conquer your next move like a pro.

A few months before the move, go through your home and separate anything you no longer want or need. Donate or get rid of these items so you have less to pack when it comes time to move. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Get more supplies than you think you’ll need. Chances are, you’re going to use more boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap than you originally estimated, so get extras so you aren’t left in a bind when you run out. You can always return what you don’t use.

Keep important documents (bank records, birth certificates, school records, etc) and valuables (jewelry, collectibles, antiques, etc) with you in your own car. Safeguard your valuables by taking out insurance on them and find out what paperwork you might need if you ever do end up filing a claim.
Put together a cooler of bottled water and snacks in order to stay hydrated and fueled throughout the busy day.

Make sure you have enough cash with you and any other forms of payment you’ll need on moving day to pay the movers, gas, food, etc.

Don’t forget your pets! Plan for how they will be taken care of on moving day, whether it’s staying with a trusted family member or friend or putting them in a confined space in the old and new house with food and water.

Plan for your kids, as well. Are they going to be staying with someone? If they will be present during the move, make sure they know what role they will be playing or have something to keep them busy, such as a DVD player and games.

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Pack a box of necessities for each family member before the move with toiletries, prescriptions, and anything else they will want immediate access to the first night in your new place. Pack the clothes you’ll need for the first few days in your suitcases. Also, pack a box of essentials for everyone that includes toilet paper, paper towels, flatware, cutlery, etc. Make a list of what you think you’ll need to when it comes time to pack it, you don’t leave anything important out.

Spring for nice, new moving boxes rather than getting some from somewhere like the grocery store. While it’s nice to get them for free, it’s not nice when your valuables fall out of the bottom of a flimsy box while you’re hauling it up the stairs.Don’t use boxes that don’t have a top. They are impossible to stack in the truck and are likely to end up losing something along the way.

Use packing tape, not duct tape, to secure boxes.

Color code your moving boxes by room so movers can easily spot where they are meant to go.

Keep a notebook with an inventory all of the items you pack by numbering the boxes and categorizing them by room with a list of what is inside each one. This will make it much easier when it’s time to unpack, and you’ll also know immediately if anything is missing.

A good rule of thumb: pack heavy items in small boxes. The heavier it is, the smaller the box should be to ensure it is properly supported.

Don’t use printed newspaper to wrap up your items – the black ink will transfer to your possessions and stain them.


Moving is hard!

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