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Moving? Consider Staging to Sell Your Home

Are you getting ready to move into a new house and sell your home? Then you may want to consider staging your home. Staging is styling and furnishing your home in a way that makes it more attractive to prospective buyers. Moving and staging go hand-in-hand. Home staging is the best way to market your home when you list it for sale.

The Benefits of Staging Your Home

A beautifully staged home does a lot of the legwork for you in making a buyer’s first impression a lasting one. When a potential buyer walks in, you want them to feel at home right away and staging can help you achieve this. A staged home is warm and inviting and tells interested buyers a story of what their life could look like. It allows buyers to see your home’s true potential and visualize themselves living in the space. This will get them excited, which is what you want. If you’ve ever walked into a gorgeous model home, then you know the feeling we’re describing.

Coffee table staged with a plant, wine bottle, and wine glasses

On the other hand, it’s harder for prospective buyers to see themselves in a home with empty rooms or outdated furniture. Staging is a proven strategy that can sell your home faster and for more money, but it only works when it’s done correctly. One thing you’ll want to remember is to stage your house in a neutral way that appeals to many styles and preferences. This will get you the most offers at the highest prices. Now, we realize that moving is already stressful before you even begin thinking about selling your home. However, it is possible to stage your home for sale while also packing and moving—without getting overwhelmed.

Our Sister Company: MHM Professional Staging

Megan’s Moving knows a lot about the importance of staging because it’s how our company got started. Our sister company, MHM Professional Staging, has been around for over a decade. Through that company, we’ve staged homes in many sizes from apartments to the largest home in America. In each home we stage, our goal is to accentuate the home’s best features while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for buyers. We want to make potential buyers feel like they are walking into a home décor magazine. Not only have we staged homes, but we have also staged sets for commercials and television. You could say we know a thing or two about transforming spaces and making them camera-ready.

MHM Professional Staging Logo

Seeing An Opportunity Through Staging

It is through MHM Professional Staging that we saw a need for quality moving options. Our staging business required us to move things in and out of homes on a regular basis. Because we did so much moving, we experienced dealing with many different movers. We saw that there was a lack of quality moving companies. Too many of them only focused on moving the furniture as quickly as possible. This often resulted in damages, so we decided to do something about it. We realized we were perfectly positioned to do so. Since moving is a big part of staging homes, we already had the expertise and equipment. For example, we already had state-of-the-art moving trucks with padded walls. This is how Megan’s Moving was born.

Bedroom staged with a bed, console table, and nightstands

Since we started off with a staging company, we truly understand how important attention to detail is. We want to provide that extra care missing from most moving companies. We set ourselves apart by focusing on attention to detail without sacrificing speed and efficiency. We identify as a white-glove moving company. We offer full-service moving which includes packing, unpacking, and set-up. We can assure you that we are as careful with moving your property as we are with our staging furniture. Request a quote for your full-service move today!

Moving is hard!

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