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How to Safely Move Your Exercise Equipment

Most exercise gear is heavy and awkwardly shaped, making it some of the more difficult items to move. Follow these tips to safely move your fitness gear from one home to another. It may seem daunting when it comes time to move your exercise equipment. After all, most of it is heavy and awkwardly shaped. With the right preparation and mindful steps, though, moving your fitness gear can be a smooth and simple process.

Follow these tips for moving and packing gym equipment for the best results.

Moving Tips for a Home Gym

Clean everything first

Before you move or pack up anything, take the time to clean and sanitize all of your workout supplies and equipment. This will ensure that you don’t bring any bacteria or germs to your new place, as well as start you off with a clean slate in your new home gym.

Moving yoga items, hand weights, and other small items

For yoga supplies, usually one or two medium or large boxes will do. Carefully roll up your mat from top to bottom and secure it with rubber band or ties. Arrange accessories like yoga blocks, blankets, bolsters, and towels in the box so that there are no empty spaces. You may be able to pack other items with them since most yoga supplies are lightweight.

Heavier items such as hand weights, medicine balls, dumbbells, and barbells should be packed in small, sturdy boxes only. Distribute the weight across many small boxes so that no one box is too heavy; the weight could distort the box and make it collapse, not to mention cause injury to whoever is moving it. Wrap the items in packing paper or bubble wrap to keep them from damaging anything they’re packed with and fill the area around them in the box with other lightweight items (such as towels) to keep them from shifting.

Moving a treadmill

Make sure the treadmill is completely unplugged from the wall. Then, fold it up and lock it in its upright position. Wrap up the cord and if there are any small pieces like a safety key, put it somewhere safe so you don’t lose it (or tape it to the machine). Wrap and secure moving blankets around the treadmill to keep it from getting damaged and to keep it from damaging any walls or corners. Once it’s in the moving truck, be sure to secure it so it doesn’t shift around during transit.

Moving a stationary bike

If the bike is electric, wrap up the cord. Then, wrap the entire bike in a moving blanket to keep it from getting damaged or damaging anything else along the way. Secure any moving parts with rope or bungee cords before moving it into the truck, where you’ll want to secure it again to make sure it doesn’t move around.

Moving an elliptical

Moving an elliptical machine can be tricky. In some cases, it is best to disassemble it and reassemble it at the next location. However, if you do want to move it in one piece, make sure all moving elements are secure. Wrap it in a moving blanket and secure it safely in the truck to make sure nothing shifts or gets damaged along the way.

Moving weight lifting machines

Remove the weights from weight lifting machines and pack them separately, as advised earlier in the post. Then, secure any moving parts with rope or bungee cords and wrap the entire machine in moving blankets. Like other large items, make sure the equipment is secure in the truck so that it won’t shift around.

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