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Why Certain Moving Supplies Are Important to Use

Moving Supplies During any important project, your tools and supplies can make all the difference to its outcome. It is no different when moving supplies a home or business.

Cutting corners on moving supplies is one of the first things most people do when trying to save money during a move. Unfortunately, this usually results in lots of damages to their furniture and personal items, not to mention to the homes themselves. You can even sustain injuries from using the wrong supplies, such as when a flimsy box falls apart while you’re holding it and something heavy drops out onto your foot.

To take better care of your items and the locations through which you are moving them, it’s crucial to invest in the right supplies. If you don’t, the damages could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Here are the most important moving supplies we recommend having on hand during your next move:

Must-Have Moving Supplies for a Smoother Move

Sturdy Boxes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving is using the wrong boxes. Used, flimsy boxes (though free) can lead to a huge headache when the boxes ultimately fall apart during transportation, damaging your personal items and costing you more than a small investment in new, sturdy books would have.

Used boxes from places like grocery stores will come in various sizes and shapes, as well, making it hard to pack them evenly in the truck. By using the same, uniform boxes, the organization of the truck goes much smoother and everything will be supported better as you pack the boxes on top of each other.

While taking free boxes can be very enticing, the risk is not usually worth it in the long run.

Custom-Sized Boxes

There are custom boxes made specifically for certain purposes that make the packing process much easier and more reliable. Dish boxes, for example, are made extra sturdy to hold your heaviest and most fragile flatware and glasses. They are narrower and shorter, so you can get a good grip on the box during transportation and there is very little room inside for things to shift around.

Other custom boxes that are great to use when moving are wardrobe boxes for your clothes, which are tall and narrow and come with a rack to hang your clothes on, and mirror/picture boxes which are also sturdier than average boxes and are adjustable to support various sized items.

Cell Dividers

Cell dividers are cardboard dividers that slip into boxes to keep your items from shifting around inside the box and bumping against other items. They are particularly helpful in dish boxes where glasses and flatware are at risk for colliding with each other.

Packing Tape & Dispenser

We always recommend using packing tape instead any other kind of tape, including duct tape. While duct tape is very strong, it doesn’t always stick well to cardboard. Packing tape adheres much more effectively to boxes and is easier to cut open when it’s time to unpack.

To make the packing process go much quicker, a packing tape dispenser will be one of your greatest assets. You can pick one up for less than $10 at places like Walmart and hardware stores. Instead of constantly fighting to find the end of the tape, a tape dispenser will keep your tape ready to go at a moment’s notice and make sliding it on and cutting it off a breeze.

Packing Paper & Bubble Wrap

While packing with newspaper may seem like the easier, cheaper way to pack, it has some bad side effects, like being very thin and transferring ink and dirt onto your belongings. Packing paper is colorless and thicker, making it a much better option for protecting your belongings.

Bubble wrap is another must. Some fragile items need extra care beyond just the paper, so it’s smart to have bubble wrap on hand to wrap those particularly fragile items in so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged during the move.

Blankets, Shrink Wrap and Floor Runners

Protecting your furniture is just as important as protecting your smaller items. During a move, rips, tears, dirt, and other damages can happen to your furniture as it is hauled out of the house and then during the journey to the new location. Blankets and shrink wrap are invaluable for making sure your furniture stays clean and in the same shape before and after the move. We always wrap pieces with shrink wrap and moving blankets for this reason.

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