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Why You Shouldn’t Move Without a Padded Truck

Padded TruckThe most important thing to us as movers is providing the best possible moving experience for our clients. At the pinnacle of that is care and safety. With Megan’s background in home staging, she had overseen hundreds of moves and was inspired to do something different with the Megan’s Moving truck: padding.

All our trucks are specially designed with padded truck walls, as well as padding on the ceiling and carpet on the floor. These features have made a huge difference in keeping furniture and other items safe from damages.

Here are three huge benefits of moving with padded trucks versus standard moving trucks that other companies use.

The Benefits of Moving with Padded Trucks

Shock absorption

The special padding in our padded trucks helps absorb the shock of bumps and other sudden movements while traveling. In standard moving trucks, there is nothing in them that absorbs the shock, so every single bump and maneuver ripples through your belongings, which causes them to shake and vibrate along the way. Even a little bit of movement can cause damages, so the shock absorption in our trucks goes a long way at helping ensure your items make it to their destination in perfect condition.

Less shifting

The padding on the walls and carpet on the floor of our trucks helps keep furniture, boxes and other items in place. In standard moving trucks, the walls are metal and the floor is wood. It is so easy for things to slide right across these surfaces while the truck is in motion. In our padded trucks, everything is much more secure so there is less shifting (if any) and therefore a much smaller risk of damage during the move.

No scratches

As we mentioned, standard trucks have metal walls and wood floors, which are rough surfaces to have rubbing against your belongings. It’s easy for your items to get scratched on these materials if they’re exposed to them, particularly while the truck is in motion but also while you are loading and unloading. If anything does happen to collide with the soft padding on our trucks, the chance of damage is incredibly small.

Besides our padded trucks, we go the extra mile to pad doorways and staircases, as well as put floor runners down in high traffic areas and wrap furniture for optimum care. Click here to learn more about how we do things differently to offer you the best moving service possible. >>

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