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Too Busy to Move? Here’s How to Get It Done

Moving is a time-consuming experience. For some of us, it’s hard enough to find time to cook a meal let alone plan and execute a big move from one house to the next. Whether you’re a parent or a professional, that fact is that you’re just too busy to fit all the tasks a move requires into your tight schedule.

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Thankfully, moving doesn’t have to be an impossible project. In this post, we’ll cover moving tips that will make the process not only possible to complete within your busy schedule, but also less stressful.

Start Way in Advance

It’s never too soon to get the ball rolling on your move. As soon as you know you’ll be moving, start decluttering your home to get rid of anything you don’t want to take with you. Pack up stuff you won’t need until you’re in the next place. Things like holiday décor, seasonal clothing, keepsakes, and anything else you don’t use on a regular basis can be packed up months in advance. This will get a lot of it out of the way so that you have less to do when it gets closer to moving day.

Have a Plan

A successful, efficient move starts with a good plan. When you wing it, you leave a lot of room for things to fall through the cracks. This can leave you scrambling when you get closer to moving day. Instead, take some time to plan what you need to do up to six months in advance. Set a date for the movers, take time off from work, schedule childcare, etc. We have a handy 2-month checklist you can use to get started. Having a plan will also help you manage your limited time better and make the time you spend on your move more productive.

Hire a Packing Team

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Don’t have time to pack up your whole house? Rather use that time for other responsibilities? Hire a professional packing team to do it for you. Our team at Megan’s Moving will pack up your whole house for you. We’ll label all the boxes, and inventory everything so that you can easily locate your items once you’ve moved in. We can even hang up your TVs and pictures to make the move-in process faster.

Don’t Try to Unpack in One Day

Unless you’re moving into a tiny studio apartment, unpacking is going to be a process that takes some time. Some people take a few weeks to unpack everything, while others will take a few months. Don’t rush yourself. Trying to get it all done in a few days is unrealistic and will only serve to stress you out. Instead, pack your essentials (toilet paper, paper towels, prescriptions, clothing, etc.) in boxes marked “essentials” so you know to unpack those first. Then, you can take your time with the rest.

Hire a White Glove Moving Company

Megan's Moving professional movers carrying furniture into a large luxury home.

Hiring a white glove moving company is another smart way to save yourself a lot of time and headaches. Moving is a time-consuming process. There is a lot of prep work that must be done, like wrapping up furniture, protecting each house from damages, and moving things in and out. It is laborious work. Our professional movers are specially trained to be as efficient as possible so that your move will go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Schedule a consultation for your move today.

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Moving is hard!

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