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Moving Safety Tips

When moving, it’s important to keep safety a priority. Your personal safety is even more vital than the safety of your belongings. It’s helpful to be aware of common safety hazards so you can be sure to avoid them. To have a successful and safe move, keep these moving safety tips in mind.

A couple carrying moving boxes.

General Safety Tips

Dress Appropriately

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes since you will be predominately on your feet. You don’t want your feet to hurt while you move. Sneakers and other shoes with good traction are better than open-toed sandals. Try not to wear any baggy or loose clothes to avoid getting caught on anything.

Stay Hydrated

If you are moving yourself, stay hydrated. It gets very hot in Florida and moving is hard work! Prevent yourself from suffering from heat exhaustion or passing out.

Only Rent a Moving Truck if You are Comfortable Driving It

If you are not comfortable driving a moving truck, don’t rent one. Not only will you be putting yourself at risk, but you could cause harm to other drivers on the road. Let the pros handle it instead!

Three Megan's Moving professional movers holding boxes with a Megan's Moving truck in the background.

Empty Gas-powered Equipment

Before moving, be sure to empty out all gas-powered equipment like your lawnmower. Properly moving and storing your lawn equipment will prevent it from damage—and you from injury.

Air out Sheds Before Entering

Air out sheds and other hiding places for wild animals and insects before entering. Enter cautiously. You don’t want any unwelcome surprises.

Child Safety

If you have young children, keep them safe from dangerous tools by creating a child-safe container. You can keep box cutters, drills, and other dangerous tools in this container. Designate a safe place for your children so that they don’t get caught underfoot. Consider designating an adult to watch your kids while you move.

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Pet Safety

A pile of boxes with a dog sitting on one of the boxes.

When you are packing things up, it’s important to be mindful of your pets. You don’t want to leave anything out that can potentially be harmful to them. Examples of things you shouldn’t leave out include packing peanuts, medication bottles, and small hardware parts. Cats and dogs may mistake these items as “toys” and end up ingesting something toxic. Have a designated spot for your pets so they don’t get in the way of your moving.

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Basic Ladder Safety

Use the Right Ladder

Make sure the ladder you choose is the correct height and style. Read the directions on the ladder before climbing. Consider how much weight the ladder will need to hold.

A couple assembling a light; the man is standing on the ladder while the woman points to where the light should be placed.

Set the Ladder Down on a Firm Foundation

Be sure to place your ladder on a firm, solid surface. Avoid placing your ladder on any wet, slippery, or soft surfaces so that it doesn’t slide out from under you. Never lean ladders against an unstable surface or against a windowpane.

To ensure stability, use a stabilizer and ladder leveler. Make sure stepladders are completely open before you step onto them. If you must use a ladder near a doorway, lock the door or guard the doorway to avoid getting knocked over accidentally. Make sure the base and top of the ladder are free of clutter.

Climb Carefully

No matter how many times you use a ladder, always be mindful of the task at hand. Make sure the ladder is in great working condition. Do not use the ladder if you feel dizzy, tired, or impaired. Make sure the ladder is free of anything sticky or slippery.

Always face the ladder and grip the rungs and never the side rails. Keep three points of contact with the ladder at all times. For instance, keep two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand. Do not move the ladder while in use. Avoid carrying tools while climbing—use a tool belt instead.

Hire A White Glove Moving Company

Megan's Moving crew moving furniture into a large home.

Of course, the ultimate safety plan is to hire a white glove moving company like Megan’s Moving to do all the moving for you. Not only will you keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe, but your belongings will be protected as well. Protecting your belongings and your home is a top priority for our movers. We take extra precautions to prevent damages like using floor runners and padding doorways. Request a quote for your full-service move today!

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