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How to Safely Move Houseplants to a New Home

Moving can have a negative impact on houseplants, so it's important to handle them with great care during the process. Here are some tips to help them survive the move. One of the most challenging parts of moving to a new home can be transporting your houseplants. These delicate life forms don’t typically travel well and can struggle with the physical impact of a move, as well as the challenge of adjusting to a new environment.

To give your houseplants the best chance at survival, follow these tips on safely moving houseplants to a new home.

Moving Tips for Houseplants

Protect them from the elements

Plants, like all forms of life, are susceptible to the elements. Especially if they are going a long distance, keep them in a temperature-controlled space (such as the backseat of your car) and out of direct sunlight. If it’s winter, wrap the plants in newspaper before transporting them, otherwise, they could be damaged by the extreme cold.

Wrap and pack them properly

When wrapping your plants, never use plastic. Instead, use paper such as packing paper or newspaper. It’s also important to keep them snug. If they are shifting around during transport, they could be injured, so place them in a box, for example, with paper or towels around them to keep them from moving around if there’s a sudden jolt or a sharp turn.

Transport them in your own vehicle if possible

Houseplants are safer in your own vehicle and some movers won’t even agree to move them. However, if you don’t have the room in your own car and your movers allow it, load them on the moving truck last and be sure to put great care in securing them so won’t shift around or get damaged during transit.

Don’t let them sit in a vehicle overnight

Leaving houseplants in a vehicle overnight is never a good idea. Not having access to fresh air can kill them, as can uncomfortable temperatures. Unload your houseplants right away when you get to the new home.

Water them the day before the move

Instead of watering them the day of the move, water them the day before and then as soon as you get them to the new home. This will make them easier to transport so they aren’t full of water when you try to move them.

Check out-of-state laws

In many cases, there are laws against moving houseplants across state lines and definitely out of the country. Always check the laws before attempting to move them out of state.

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