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New Home, New Year: How to Start Fresh in a New Place

Moving into a new home? It's the perfect time for a fresh start in life, too. Here's how to change your habits by setting yourself up for success in your new home. Many people look at a new year as a chance to bring positive changes to their lives. If you’ve just moved into a new home or plan to move around the start of a new year, it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of old habits by setting up your new home for success.

Here are some tips for changing your life in a new home by preparing it in a way that will support your goals and make your daily life better.

Tips for Changing Your Life in a New Home

Set yourself up for success

If you’ve always wished you had a more organized home, moving into a new place is the perfect time to make it happen. Instead of waiting until after you’re settled in to get organized, start putting organizational processes into effect from the start. If you wait, you’re likely to get caught up in daily life all over again and never get around to it.

Invest in organizational tools like removable shelves for cabinets, dividers, baskets, boxes, files, etc. Get each room set up for success, so all you have to do is keep it maintained. You’ll be so glad you did.

Get ahead of old habits

The first step to improving anything is to identify what hasn’t been successful. If you want to live clutter-free, spend less time cleaning, cook more, have a great space to entertain, or even get up earlier, you must set your environment up for success.

Get ahead of old habits by designing your new home around better habits. Identify what traps you always fell into, such as a disorganized kitchen keeping you from wanting to cook in it or a bad furniture layout making it hard to entertain people in your home. When you figure out what was holding you back in your last home, you can avoid those pitfalls in your new one and set up a place where you will flourish.

Embrace the fresh start

Look at moving to a new place as an opportunity for a fresh start. Rather than focusing on all the stress and effort, it will take to get settled in, think about the clean slate you now have. What do you want your daily life to look like in your new home? What things can you change from the last one that will help you accomplish that daily life and make it easier?

Purge what you no longer want or need, organize each space so everything has a purpose, and set up your home around your goals and desires.

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