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How to Deal with Moving When You Have Anxiety

For most people, moving is a source of major stress. If you are someone who regularly experiences anxiety, then moving can be especially challenging. Thankfully, there are many ways to ease the burden of moving anxiety so that you can have a successful and enjoyable moving experience.

Moving Tips for People with Anxiety

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Man on the floor with head in his hand surrounded by moving boxes, experiencing anxiety about moving

A common reaction to anxiety and stress is to, well, stress out about it. This creates an endless cycle that continues to snowball out of control. As soon as you start feeling anxious about your move, take some time to acknowledge your feelings, and allow yourself to feel them. This alone will help you feel a bit better.

Then, ask yourself why you are feeling that way. What is it about the move that has you anxious? Is it your long to-do list? The big change? Having to meet new people? Once you can pinpoint exactly what is fueling your anxiety, you can take action to mitigate those things.

Stay Organized

A woman reviewing a bill of lading (BOL) while sitting on the floor surrounded by moving boxes.

One of the biggest causes of moving anxiety is the long list of things that has to be done. Not only do we have to pack up our entire home, move everything to the next place, and unpack, but there are a lot of other tasks to take care of along the way like address changes and utility set-up. It’s enough to make anyone stressed out.

Organization is key to staying on top of your move and easing your anxiety. Start by making a to-do list of everything that needs to be done. Then, plan out your timeline with all of your deadlines. Simply getting it all out of your head and onto paper will help immensely in easing the stress. You won’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Instead, you can focus on one task at a time.

View step-by-step tips on organizing your move »

Keep a Routine

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With everything that goes on during a move, it’s easy to fall out of your regular routines in order to incorporate the moving tasks. While that may seem like an effective way to manage your time, it will quickly become detrimental. It’s important to keep as much of your routine as possible during the moving process so you maintain a sense of stability through all the changes.

Make sure you continue to eat right and exercise, too. They are some of the first things to go out the window during a move but they have a big impact on your mental and physical health. Working out helps relieve stress and eating nutritious foods will help you keep up your energy.

Make Time for Self-Care

Plate of bath salts, oil, towel, and candles on the edge of a bathtub

Small things like meditation, salt baths, and reading are great for easing stress and helping us feel grounded. Don’t tell yourself you don’t have time for these things. Your self-care should always be a priority. Before you start your day, you could do a 10-minute meditation and at the end of it, take a 20-minute bath with some bath salts to help ease the tension in your muscles. Think about what things personally make you feel better (such as reading or taking a walk outside) and aim to incorporate at least one of them every day during your move, even if it’s for just ten minutes.

Delegate as Much as You Can

Megan's Moving crew carrying chairs into a large home

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Delegating as many of the tasks as possible will keep you from running yourself ragged and worrying that you’re missing something. At Megan’s Moving, we offer services that include packing up your home, moving everything, and even helping you settle in so there is less stress on you.

Reach Out for Support

Couple embracing while standing next to moving boxes

Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, family, and counselors to help you through this major life transition. Many people experience anxiety over the experience, and there are many people who would be happy and equipped to help you through it.

If you’re suffering from anxiety about your move, a white glove moving service is a great option for you. Learn more about white glove moving »

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