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First Things to Do to Get Settled into a New Home

Settling into a New HomeOnce you get through moving day, it’s so exciting to finally start settling into your new home. However, at first glance, it can seem overwhelming and like your to-do list is a mile long all over again.

That’s when it helps to get your priorities straight. Settling into your new place doesn’t have to be a big headache. Follow these easy tips to make the process go much smoother so you can start enjoying life in your new home as soon as possible.

Tips for Settling into a New Home

Set up the most important areas

As soon as you move in, you’ll be anxious to have every room in the house unpacked and settled. However, focusing on the most important areas first will ensure that you’re comfortable in the home while you are in the process of settling in the rest. Start with the kitchen and bathrooms. Both are easy to unpack and set-up and will help you get back to a somewhat normal routine. In the bedrooms, at least set up the beds and put away the clothes.

Make sure it’s safe and secure

Safety is always a priority, so one of the first things you should do is make sure your home is secure. Change the locks, check the windows, change the batteries in the smoke detectors, and child proof any hazards to your kids. (For more tips on how to make a new home safe, click here.)

Clean everything

Give your new place a deep cleaning. Even if it seemed clean or your landlord said they cleaned it before you moved in, it’s still smart to go around and clean it again yourself to make sure it’s done. It will instantly feel more like yours once you do.

Establish an unpacking plan

Having a to-do list for unpacking your new home is just as important as having one for packing up your old one. Create a checklist for all the rooms and areas you need to unpack and organize it based on importance. By following a checklist, you’ll ensure that everything gets unpacked in the best order possible so your life in your new place can run more smoothly.

Get to know your new community

Don’t put off getting to know your new neighborhood. To start feeling more at home there, get out and explore while you’re getting settled in. Check out the community hot spots, reach out to your neighbors, and look for ways to get involved. If you have kids, this is an especially helpful tactic for getting them to feel comfortable in a new environment.

Take time to relax

After a big move, it’s important to take some time to yourself and relax. It’s a major event and a lot of tasks you’ve had to juggle, so take at least a few hours one day to do something fun and relaxing. Go to a spa, take a walk in a park, go see a movie, or do something else that you will enjoy and that will get your mind off the move. Taking some time off will help you settle into your new environment and recharge.

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