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5 Things You Should NEVER Skip If You Want a Smooth Move

5 Things You Should NEVER SkipWhen it comes to moving, there are a lot of important tasks to stay on top of and remember to do. It can seem overwhelming at times. Thankfully, it’s totally possible to have a smooth, organized move if you make sure to do some key things.

Here are the tasks you definitely shouldn’t skip if you want to have an easy, stress-free move.

5 Things You Should NEVER Skip When Moving

Follow a checklist and timeline

Two of the most invaluable things you can have during a move are a checklist and timeline. Moving comes with a long list of tasks, all of which are time sensitive. Having a smooth move relies heavily on keeping things organized and on track. Forgetting just one thing can not only derail your move but cost you money to boot.

With so much to remember, it’s imperative that you create a checklist and timeline as soon as you know your moving date. Keep them both in a safe place, such as a moving binder, and check things off as you go. You’ll be able to rest assured knowing everything is under control.

Not sure what to put on your moving checklist and timeline? Click here for our comprehensive list.

Choose the right movers

All the planning and organizing can be ruined coming moving day if your movers do a poor job or don’t even show up. There are a lot of horror stories out there, but if you do your research and due diligence before choosing a moving company, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Professional movers make the entire process easier. You should be able to trust that they will work with care and efficiency to ensure the move is a successful one. Take your time to research local movers, get recommendations, and read reviews. Once you’ve chosen a few, interview them and compare pricing before making a confident decision.

Purge before you pack

Packing things you no longer want or need is not only a big waste of time but a big waste of money, too. Everything you pack takes up boxes and space in the truck. That’s why it’s hugely beneficial to go through everything you own and purge as much as possible before packing, rather than waiting until after you move into the new home. It may seem easier to just throw everything in boxes and deal with it later, but it will cost you down the road.

Click here for a list of items you can most likely get rid of before you move.

Label and inventory your items

It may seem like it would take a lot of extra time to label each box and inventory your items as you pack them, but not only is it quick to implement, it actually saves you a lot of time.

We recommend numbering every box, labeling it with the room it goes in and inventorying the items in each one in a journal or digital document. On moving day, this will save time because movers will know exactly where each box goes so they can streamline the process, and you’ll know if anything is missing because you’ll have a list of everything at your fingertips. Unpacking is easier, too. If you’re looking for something specific, you don’t have to bother rummaging through every box until you find it. Simply check your inventory list!

Click here for instructions on how to quickly and easily inventory your items for a move.

Pack an essentials box

The first night you move into your new home, and the few days that follow, are usually a little chaotic. Everything is still packed up and it takes a little while to get settled. One of the best things you can do is pack an essentials box. In it, put things like paper towels, paper plates, plastic cutlery, toilet paper, trash bags, prescriptions, and anything else you’ll want or need the first few days in your new place. You can even do individual essentials boxes for each family member, too. Trust us, they’re a lifesaver!

Click here for recommended items to include in your first night box.

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