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Why You Should Redesign Your New Home

Imagine: You’ve just moved into your new home, and now you’re looking around at your old furniture and belongings. After the stress of packing, moving, and unpacking, the last thing you need to do also feels like the hardest. Where should everything go?

This is the perfect moment to consider a redesign. Redesign is taking what you already own and rearranging it in a new way. Many people think of redesign as an option for their current home, but it can also benefit you in your new home. In fact, a redesign is a great way to make your new house feel like home while spending a minimum of time and money.

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Redesign Is Cost-Effective

A redesign is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to give your new home a fresh start. Compared to a complete home renovation or full-service design consultation, redesign saves you money. You don’t need to go out and buy new furniture. You don’t need to spend money on contractors and sub-contractors. Instead, you can redesign your home to work with the items you already own.

Redesign Is Eco-Friendly

Rather than sending your old furniture to the dump, redesign invites you to reimagine it. This is just as beneficial for the Earth as it is for your wallet! The redesign process allows you to see your belongings in a new way. It may even unearth items you had forgotten about that are still in perfect shape. Redesign also reduces waste from packaging materials that come with new furniture and ultimately end up in a dumpster.

Redesign Is Less Work

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Redesigning your new home (rather than starting from scratch or tearing down walls) saves you physical and mental energy. You don’t have to shop for new furniture. You don’t have to take measurements or buy swatches. You can simply take what’s already in your new home and make it work within the space.

This is a huge bonus because the moving process is exhausting! Professional movers can help lighten the load by packing, moving, and unpacking for you. However, there’s still so much more to do when you move. By the time you have all of your old stuff in your new space, you’ll have very little energy left over for dreaming up the perfect layout for every room. Having your space professionally redesigned saves you from having to tackle the challenge yourself.

Professional Redesign Is the Best Choice

Although you can do a redesign yourself, we don’t recommend it. You’re much better off leaving it to the professionals. Hiring a professional will minimize the amount of work you have to put in. It will also produce the best outcome. A professional designer knows how to create flow in a room. They can make the most of the furniture you have, creating functional spaces that are also attractive and welcoming.

The professional stagers and designers at our sister company, MHM Professional Staging, have the training and experience required to make your old stuff feel new again. They can create a vision for your new home that incorporates familiar furniture and accessories. With an expert eye, professional designers can even come up with creative solutions for challenging floor plans. Contact MHM Professional Staging today to get a professional redesign for your new home.

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