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3 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

When you first move into a new house, it just doesn’t feel like home. You’re busy unpacking your belongings and adjusting to a new schedule. You’re probably hunting for items that got lost during the move, and you don’t have the time or energy to create a cohesive vision for your new home. You may even find yourself longing for the familiar comfort of your old house.

It’s important to honor the memories you made before you moved. It’s equally important to allow yourself and your family a fresh start in your new house. Our team at Megan’s Moving has helped countless families get settled into their new homes, and we’d love to help you, too.

Below are our top three tips for making your new house feel like home.

Abstract art hanging in a hallway

1. Hang Photos and Artwork

Hanging photos is one of the easiest ways to instantly warm up your new home. Seeing familiar faces smiling back at you will bring you comfort during this transitional period. Hanging artwork from your old home is another way to make your new space feel more familiar—especially if you have artwork that was purchased or created by friends or family. Even doing something as simple as placing your child’s fingerpainted-masterpieces on the fridge will bring a smile to your face.

More formal artwork should be placed in one room of your new house until you’re ready to hang it. Gathering all pieces together will help you prepare them for distribution around your home. As you are unpacking your artwork, be careful not to place the artwork in a pile. This can lead to scratches on frames or glass, and it is especially dangerous for unframed artwork on canvas.

When it comes to selecting artwork for each room of your house, you may find yourself stuck. That’s where we can help. Megan’s Moving has a specialized installation crew that knows how and where to properly hang artwork. Once your photos and artwork are hanging on the walls, your new house will truly start to feel like home.

2. Paint the Walls in Your New Home

Another great way to transform your new house is to paint the walls. Painting can be a fun activity that involves the whole family. From selecting a color and preparing the walls to taping, edging, and rolling, there’s a task for everyone.

Changing the wall colors isn’t just an enjoyable weekend activity. It’s also a way for you to put your own “stamp” on your new house. Customizing the place in this small way will give you a sense of ownership. It also creates a brand new memory in the home for you to look back on. Make sure to snap a few before, during, and after photos so that you don’t forget how much fun you had in the process!

Choosing the Right Colors

Selecting paint colors can be difficult, especially if you’ve never painted before. There are many different types of paint finishes and a variety of brands to choose from. Thankfully, the designers at our sister company, MHM Professional Staging, can advise you to ensure that you end up with a fabulous finished product. Color consultations are quick and easy, and they give you confidence and peace of mind as you start to turn your new house into a home. Contact MHM Professional Staging to schedule a color consultation.

3. Purchase New Furniture

Buying new furniture is one more great way to get settled into your new house. You may be hesitant to toss out your old furniture because of the memories it holds. As much as you may love those old pieces, many of them simply won’t work in your new house. Your living room layout may call for a sectional when you have a loveseat and armchairs. Or you may have a dining room table that doesn’t fit in your new formal dining room. On the other hand, you may find yourself with extra space in your new house and no furniture to fill it.

Whatever the reason you need new furniture, you should always see it as an opportunity. Take advantage of this moment to upgrade your living space. Select cohesive pieces that give your new house a whole new look and feel. If you need help creating a vision for your new home, the designers at MHM Professional Staging can help. After our moving crew gets you all moved in, MHM designers will work closely with you to turn your new house into the home of your dreams.

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