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What to Pack Last During a Move

What to PackThere are a lot of things to pack up during a move. Keeping an inventory list is the best way to stay on top of it all. There are some things to put aside on that list that are best kept out until the last minute on moving day, since you will need access to them while you are moving and directly following the big event.

There’s nothing worse than being amid a move and not having something you need handy because it’s packed up a box that’s already been loaded onto the truck. To keep that frustrating scenario from coming true, pack up the following things last:

What to Pack Last When Moving

Toiletries, Medicine and First Aid

These three items belong in your “essentials” box because you will need them on moving day and the day after. This includes personal hygiene items like toothbrushes and toothpaste, medicine including prescriptions and pain relievers, and a first aid kit in case any injuries happen during the move. Keep these things handy for quick access.

Cords and Batteries

You will probably need to charge your phone on moving day and may find that some other electronics need charging, as well, such as a laptop. Batteries are always good to keep on hand, too, in case you need to use them for flashlights, tools, and various other electronics you may need on the day of the move and directly after as you settle into the new place.


In the days leading up to the move, you never know when you may need to access an important document, especially if you are going through the process of getting a mortgage, changing your address, and other various steps required during a move. You’ll also want to keep a copy of the moving contract and lease agreements within reach. We always recommend moving documents in your own personal vehicle along with other valuables.


There are a lot of instances when moving in which basic tools are a necessity. Always keep a hammer, nails, and screwdriver available, as well as all your tools for the moving process itself such as packing tape and a box cutter. Also, keep scissors, markers, and pens or pencils handy.


Of course, on the first night in your new home you’ll want somewhere comfortable to sleep, especially after such a long day! Make sure you have clean sheets, a comforter, and pillows available for easy access when you’re ready to hit the hay.

Cleaning Supplies

After you leave your old house, it’s good to clean up any mess left behind after the move. You’ll probably also want to clean up a bit in the new place, too, if any dirt or debris was dragged in during the move, as well as wipe off countertops and clean any other spots that may need to be freshened up.

Creature Comforts and Entertainment

Chances are, you’ll want to relax immediately after the move is complete. Be sure to have certain comforts easily accessible such as food, disposable cutlery, dishes, and glassware, and entertainment such as DVDs so you can rest for a while. Also, be sure to keep pet food and supplies handy and anything your kids will need to settle in.

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