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Top Tips for Throwing a Successful Yard Sale Before Moving

Successful Yard Sale One of the most important steps to preparing for a move is decluttering your home. Anything you get rid of will save you time and money. While some things will be best to trash or donate, there may be items you could turn a profit from. Holding a successful yard sale is a great way to get rid of things you don’t want while also making some money to help offset some of the costs of moving.

Here are some smart tips to help you throw a successful yard sale.

Successful Yard Sale Tips

Give everything a good cleaning

Chances are, some of the items you’ve decided to sell have been gathering dust for a while or could be polished up a bit. Wipe everything down so it is in its best possible condition before putting it out for sale. Clean items have a much better chance of selling and it shows that they’ve been cared for.

Choose your date wisely

Timing is important if you want to attract the most shoppers possible to your successful yard sale. Avoid scheduling it on holidays or when any other special events are going to be taking place in town. Also, check the forecast and make sure there is no bad weather expected that day.

Create an organized layout

The more organized and thoughtfully laid out your items are, the more appealing the items will be to buyers. Group everything in clear sections and establish an efficient traffic flow so everyone can move around comfortably. A smart strategy is to entice people with some of the best items in the front by the street, so they are motivated to see what else you have. Sometimes, it can be a little harder to entice men, so place things like lawn equipment and tools by the front to get their attention.

Add thoughtful touches

Some thoughtful touches will make the experience of shopping your yard sale much more pleasant for buyers. Use tablecloths to dress up your tables, play some soft music in the background, offer water or lemonade on a hot day and put out fans to cool everyone off, and even do small things like wrap blankets in twine or ribbon to make it feel more like a boutique than a garage sale.

Use color-coded stickers

A way to make pricing everything quicker is to create a color-coded system. Create a key that is clear for everyone to see and then use colored stickers to mark everything. For example, everything pink is $0.25, orange is $1, blue is $5, yellow is $10, etc.

Price to sell

The point of a successful yard sale is to get rid of the clutter so you have less to bring with you when you move. Be reasonable with your pricing. Price items to inspire quick sales rather than trying to turn a huge profit.

Use clear signage

Nothing is more frustrating than throwing a yard sale and having no one show up because they couldn’t find it. Create clear, enticing signs and place them in effective areas with an easy path to follow. Be sure to check on rules and regulations on signage in your neighborhood and anywhere else you want to place them before putting the signs out.

Have change on hand

There’s a good chance that your first few buyers will need change back for whatever they buy, especially if they only have large bills on them and end up purchasing something small. Have plenty of cash on hand to create change rather than waiting to accumulate it from sales.

Hold a clearance sale

At the end of the successful yard sale, get rid of anything that has been left behind by holding a clearance sale and slashing the price of everything by 25% or 50%. This will encourage a lot of last-minute sales so you have fewer items to worry about donating or finding alternative ways to dispose of them.

Don’t sell anything you’ll regret later

If you’re hesitant about selling something with sentimental value, don’t sell it. It’s a terrible experience to regret selling something after the fact, so it’s better to hold onto those items rather than risk feeling awful about it later. Also, be sure to go through everything one last time before “opening the doors” of your yard sale to make sure nothing got put out by mistake.

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