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1 Simple Way to Keep Your Sanity During a Move

Have you ever started assembling furniture after a move only to discover that you have a couple of missing pieces that you can’t seem to find anywhere? It’s the worst! Or maybe you’ve lost a phone or laptop charger, a USB cable, or some other electronics accessory. Losing small parts and cables is a surefire way to add stress to your move. Thankfully, we have a solution to prevent this from happening. Think of this as one simple way to keep your sanity during a move: create a parts box. Whether you are moving your home or office, it’s just as important to have a parts box to help you keep track of small items.

Living room with moving boxes and a parts box

Tips for Creating Your Parts Box

Creating a parts box for your electronic parts and pieces as well as your furniture hardware will save you a ton of time and stress when you move. 

Preparing Your Furniture Pieces

To keep your furniture organized, wrap all your screws, nuts, bolts, Allen wrenches, etc. for each piece of furniture in packing paper. Tape the package shut and write the piece of furniture it goes with on the outside. This ensures that all the pieces and parts are all in one place when it’s time to put your furniture back together. 

Furniture hardware (Allen wrench, screws, etc.) for parts box

Preparing Your Electronics

Use the same process for your electronics. Keep cords, batteries, and chargers together and wrap them in packaging paper. Create a new package for each electronic. Wrapping your electronics will help protect them from dust. If you have original boxes for your electronics, it’s best to use those. 

Before packing your electronics, take pictures of how all the wires and cords are connected. This will give you something to refer to after the move so that you have an easier time reassembling everything. One trick is to print out the picture and place it in the corresponding box. Another option to make things easier is to place colored stickers on matching cords and connections. 

Office electronics packed in a box

Before disconnecting your TV, it’s a good idea to refer to the manual, especially if it is a flatscreen. We also recommend cleaning your TV and electronics before packing, getting rid of any dust. When preparing printers for a move, it’s ideal to remove ink cartridges, especially from laser and inkjet printers. If you are moving a dot matrix printer, insert a piece of paper in the platen to secure the print head. Televisions and printers are high investments, and you want to avoid damaging them.

Label All of Your Packages

It’s important to label all of your packages—and be specific! For instance, if you are packing multiple computers, then include the owner’s name on the label (“Jessica’s iMac parts”). 

Woman packing boxes and creating a list

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Place All Packages in the Parts Box

Once all of the packages are clearly labeled, you can place them all in a box. Make sure that the box is also clearly labeled. This should be one of the last items to be loaded on a truck and the first to be placed in your new home or office.

Hire a White Glove Moving Company

Preparing a parts box and properly packing your parts and pieces can be a tedious task. On top of that, you probably have many other things on your plate. Consider hiring a white glove moving company, like Megan’s Moving, to help. We will happily pack all of your parts and pieces safely and efficiently so that you don’t have to. Request a quote for your full-service move today!

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