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Things You Should Wait to Do Until AFTER You Move In

You may be tempted to do certain things to your new home before you move in, but we recommend waiting until AFTER on these particular tasks to save yourself stress and regret. There are a lot of fun things to look forward to when you move into a new place. It is so exciting to customize the décor, start inviting your friends over, and make yourself at home. In fact, it can be tempting to start doing some of these things BEFORE you’ve even moved in.

It’s best to hold off on diving into certain projects and commitments until after you’ve moved in to save yourself stress and regret in the long run. Here are some things we recommend avoiding.

What You Should Wait to Do to a New Home Until After the Move

Painting the walls

It can be tempting to paint the walls before you move in while the house is empty, but there can be a downside to this if you are opting for something other than a neutral color. You never know exactly how paint looks in a room until it dries. Light plays differently in every space, so a color that looks good in one home may look entirely different in another. Plus, your furniture may look different in the space, too.

That’s why it’s good to wait and live in the space for a few weeks before choosing paint colors. Once you’ve had a chance to settle in, you can start testing paint colors to see what looks best in each room with your belongings.

Any major renovations

Again, it’s tempting to take care of major renovations before you move in, but that doesn’t always work out as well as you’d expect. You may find that once you’ve moved in, you use the space differently than you thought you would. You may discover that the wall you had planned on knocking down won’t actually be as efficient for your lifestyle as you thought.

The same idea applies to cosmetic changes like flooring and cabinets – your taste may change once you move in. Live with it for a little while before making any major decisions you won’t be able to easily undo.


There is a lot going on when you first move into a home. You’re still unpacking and getting settled in. Before adding extra outdoor maintenance to your to-do list, give yourself some time to get the interior sorted before making any commitments to the landscaping. Like the interior, you’ll also have a chance to live in the home and make a more informed decision of what you want it to look like and how you want your outdoor space to function.

Making plans for guests

This is especially tricky if you are moving around the holidays but holding off making plans to host any guests in your new place is a good idea for the sake of your sanity. Putting a time limit on when you will have everything unpacked and settled is a recipe for stress. It’s best to give yourself plenty of time to get life back to normal before agreeing to host anyone in your new home.

Buying anything new

Everyone loves buying new things for their new home. There may be some things you need right off the bat before moving in, but we recommend on holding off on as much as you possible until you’ve unpacked and lived in the home for a few weeks. This will keep you from buying something that you later realize you didn’t need because you already had one just like it that you’d packed and forgotten about, or buying something only to find that you don’t have a space for it in the new place.

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