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Packing Books for a Move

For book lovers, packing books for a move is a challenging task. They quickly take up spaces in boxes, and those boxes can get incredibly heavy. Unpacking your books can also become very time-consuming if they weren’t packed and labeled properly.

Follow these tips on packing books for a move to keep your literary collection safe from damages and make moving your books as simple as possible.

Cull Your Collection

Chances are, there are some books you no longer want or need in your collection. Go through every title and ask yourself: is it worth the effort to transport it to your new place and make space for it there? Put the books you want to donate in a box and drop them off at a library, school, or donation center so that way someone else will be able to find them and enjoy them.

If you have antique books that you no longer want, consider selling them. You never know how much your old books might be worth!

Use Small, Sturdy Boxes

We always recommend using smaller boxes for heavy items, especially books. Books may not be heavy one at a time, but you could easily hurt yourself trying to pick up a box full of them. Make sure the boxes are sturdy and secured well with a few layers of tape.

If you do have to use larger boxes, don’t fill them entirely with books. Mix them in with other items and fill the gaps with packing paper. Cover the books themselves in paper or bubble wrap if they are particularly valuable or could be damaged by the other items they’re packed with.

Packing books for a move

Arrange Your Books Carefully

Books can get warped and damaged if they aren’t properly packed. Never pack them on their side with the pages facing downward – this will most surely damage them, especially paperbacks. Instead, pack them flat or with their spine facing down. Fill in gaps with paper to prevent shifting or bowing.

Also, consider packing your books according to a system, such as by their genre or alphabetically. This will make it easier to locate a particular book while unpacking later.

Use Suitcases with Wheels

This is one “life hack” you’ll wish you thought of sooner… A great alternative to packing heavy books in boxes is to pack them in suitcases with wheels. Your clothes are lighter, so use the boxes for them instead. This way, you’ll be able to easily wheel the books right onto the truck and into their new home.

Label Clearly

Once you finish packing your books, label the boxes clearly so that you know where to find everything. If you organize your books in a particular way, label the boxes to reflect that. It will be much easier to arrange them in your new home if they are already packed and organized into categories.

Call in the Professionals

Following the tips above will definitely make packing your books for a move a lot easier. Still, there’s one last tip that can replace all the others and save you from having to pack your books at all: call in the pros! As a white glove, full-service moving company, Megan’s Moving can pack up your books (and your whole house) for you. With service like that, you’ll never have to deal with the stress and strain of packing, moving, or unpacking your belongings again. We’ll take care of it all for you. Moving soon? Schedule a consultation with one of our expert moving professionals.

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