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What to Do with Used Moving Boxes After a Move

Not sure what to do with all those empty boxes after a move? Here are several ideas that are easy and eco-friendly! Some of the most important supplies during a move are moving boxes. It requires copious amounts of them, but what do you do with them all once you’ve unpacked them at your new place? There are several options for what you can do with moving boxes after a move. Here are some ideas to choose from based on your individual needs.

Tips for Used Moving Boxes

Reuse and re-purpose them

Moving boxes can be used for a variety of purposes, especially if you invested in sturdy new ones for the move. You can reuse them to store things like seasonal décor or clothing (just be sure to clearly re-label them) or even re-purpose them in fun ways for your kids. They make a great foundation for a fort!

Store them for later use

Another option is to store them away for future use, whether it’s to save money on your next move or to use them whenever the need arises. The best way to do this is to break down the boxes so they are flat. All you’ll have to do is tape them up again later and re-label them and they will be good as new.

Give them away

There are many charities that are in need of boxes. Call around to some of the charities in your neighborhood to see if anyone needs them as boxes can be helpful for a variety of purposes. You can also list them on services like Facebook, Nextdoor or Craigslist and say that they are free to a good home, along with any other moving supplies you want to get rid of.

Sell them

To recoup some of the money you invested in the move, you can sell boxes that are still in good shape at a discounted rate. Services like Facebook, Nextdoor, and Craigslist work for that, as well, or you can go directly to a specialty service like BoxCycle. There are also companies that specialize in selling boxes, so check with a local box broker to see what your options are.


Cardboard is a recyclable material, so recycling your boxes is good for the environment. You can put them out by the curb to be picked up by your community recycling service but before you do, check their guidelines. You may have to put out batches over the course of a few weeks as large quantities sometimes aren’t accepted by local services or request bulk pickup.

Alternatively, you could drive them to a local recycling center and drop them off. Make sure you always flatten the boxes whether leaving them by the curb or taking them to a center to make them easier to transport and recycle.

Turn them into compost

Another eco-friendly option is to use the cardboard boxes for compost gardens. You can use them for this purpose yourself or check with local compost gardens to see if they accept donations.

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