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Joyful black family moving boxes into new home.

Since moving takes a lot of mental energy and planning, it can be difficult to remember everything that needs to get done. Along with your everyday responsibilities, there are added stresses from COVID-19. To simplify your move, avoid these three common moving mistakes. 1. Forgetting to turn on/off your utilities After you move, you’ll probably…

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Senior couple drinking coffee and looking out the living room window while standing next to cardboard boxes on moving day

There are so many things you can forget to do when moving. After all, there’s a lot to think about when moving to a new home. Not only do you have to pack up your whole house and plan for the actual moving day, but you also have countless other tasks to finish. And of…

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A mother who looks too busy to move, holding her child and working on the computer.

Moving is a time-consuming experience. For some of us, it’s hard enough to find time to cook a meal let alone plan and execute a big move from one house to the next. Whether you’re a parent or a professional, that fact is that you’re just too busy to fit all the tasks a move…

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When moving, it’s important to keep safety a priority. Your personal safety is even more vital than the safety of your belongings. It’s helpful to be aware of common safety hazards so you can be sure to avoid them. To have a successful and safe move, keep these moving safety tips in mind. General Safety…

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