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How ECT Ratings Can Protect Your Belongings When You Move

Man handing a woman a crushed box

With so many moving boxes out there, it can be difficult to judge a box’s quality just by looking at it. Thankfully, there are ways to measure exactly how durable a box is. The two most common ways to measure a box’s durability are the Edge Crush Test (ECT) and the Mullen Test.  You may…

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What Is White Glove Moving?

Megan's Moving crew carrying chairs into a large home

You have style, taste, and class and appreciate the finer things in life. You work hard for the things you own and therefore, you take great care of your belongings. When it comes to moving, you want someone who will handle your items with the same care you would. You deserve a moving company that…

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The 1 Question You MUST Ask Your Movers

piano suspended from a crane

Hiring a moving company is simple—or is it? You find a moving company, get an estimate, book your move date, and then wait for your movers to arrive and do all the hard work for you. But what if we told you that not all movers will agree to move all of your belongings? Here…

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3 Key Things to Look for in Your Bill of Lading

A woman reviewing a bill of lading (BOL) while sitting on the floor surrounded by moving boxes.

Bill of lading (BOL) is one of the many industry terms used by professional moving companies. It’s common for this term to be a little confusing at first, so we’re here to help make it clear. Your bill of lading is a document that is relevant to your entire moving process. It provides critical information…

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