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How To Safely Pack Artwork for a Move

When moving, there are some items that require extra care. This includes pieces that tend to be more expensive and irreplaceable like artwork. It’s important to make sure your art pieces are safely packed so they won’t get damaged. Here are some tips on how to safely pack artwork for a move.

Gather the Right Supplies

Before packing up your artwork, separate your artwork by size so you can take note of how many boxes you need of each size. Then, find the appropriate sized boxes. Choose the right size and shape for a secure fit. You may need to purchase specialty moving boxes designed to pack artwork. For extra protection for the corners of frames, you can purchase specialized cardboard corner protectors.

Young woman taping cardboard boxes getting ready to move.

In addition, be sure to have bubble wrap and packing paper on hand to wrap your artwork. Use bubble wrap for your most fragile art pieces. Avoid using newspaper to wrap your artwork since the newsprint can rub off on it. You’ll also need packing tape. Use packing tape instead of duct tape since packing tape is easier to remove and won’t leave a residue. Lastly, make sure you have markers on hand to label your artwork when you’re finished packing.

Wrap Artwork Carefully

When wrapping your artwork, start by taking a piece of bubble wrap or packing paper that is twice the size of your art piece. Lay down your artwork face-down on the piece of bubble wrap or packing paper. Then wrap your artwork like a present. Make sure the art piece is wrapped snuggly. 

Man taking bubble wrap out of a moving box.

Next, wrap packing tape vertically and horizontally around the item so the wrappings won’t move. Be sure to wrap all items separately. This will ensure everything is secure and won’t rub together. Then place each artwork in the respective boxes. After gently closing each box, wiggle it around to see if anything seems to be shifting. If so, you can add more packing paper to keep it snug.

When wrapping artwork in glass frames, create an X over the length of the glass using masking tape. This will prevent the glass from completely shattering or moving around too much if it breaks.

For more tips on how to pack glass items, check out this post.

Label Artwork Properly

A Hispanic woman labeling a box.

Once your artwork is securely wrapped, you want to make sure anyone else handling the item will know that it’s fragile. Clearly label your art pieces by writing “FRAGILE” on both sides. You may also want to label them “Do Not Lay Flat” especially if they contain glass. It will also be helpful to label where each art piece belongs (i.e. bedroom, living room, etc). This will help make your move more efficient.

Transport with Care

When loading your moving vehicle with the art pieces make sure to lay them on their sides instead of flat. Your art pieces can absorb pressure easier on their sides. Wedge them between heavy objects to keep them from shifting during transit. Just be careful not to wedge them between anything that could bend, pierce, or dent the artwork.

Hire A White Glove Moving Company

Megans Moving team moving furniture into a large home.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of packing your artwork safely and securely, consider hiring a white glove moving company like Megan’s Moving. We offer full-service moving from packing up your entire home to hanging your artwork in your new home. We also offer moving boxes in a variety of sizes including ones designed for artwork. We’d be happy to safely pack your artwork and transport it in our state-of-the-art padded moving trucks. Schedule a consultation with one of our moving experts today!

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