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How to Make a DIY Moving Survival Kit During COVID-19

Moving is hard. Ask anyone who has moved before, and they will tell you just how difficult it was. Learning how to make a DIY moving survival kit is one way to make your move a little bit easier.

It’s critical to ensure that you have all the supplies you need to move efficiently and safely—especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid all the chaos of a typical move, it can be challenging to manage your to-do list. Putting together a moving survival kit ahead of time is one way to ensure that you protect your belongings, your sanity, and your health.

What to Pack in Your Moving Survival Kit

Face Masks

Asian family wearing face masks while sitting on a couch surrounded by cardboard boxes

Face masks are one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, face masks will protect you from the dust and dander that gets kicked up during the packing process. And while you’re outside loading up the moving truck, a mask will block the nasty exhaust fumes.

Some face masks are more effective than others. Regardless of the type of mask you wear, make sure your moving survival kit contains extra masks for each member of the family.

Hand Soap

Soap is one of the easiest things for people to forget to bring with them when they move, but it’s one of the first things you will need in your new home. Put a few hand soap dispensers in your moving survival kit so that you have enough for the kitchen and multiple bathrooms.

Hand Sanitizer

Senior woman using hand sanitizer

Sanitizing your hands is not a substitute for actually washing them, but it is important to have some available as an extra precaution. Pack a few small bottles of hand sanitizer in your kit and remember to use it before touching your face or eating.

Disinfecting Wipes

Even if your new house was cleaned before you started moving in, the process of moving in can make things untidy and track in a lot of dirt and grime. A container of disinfecting wipes is perfect for wiping down surfaces after the move and any other spots that need a quick clean. Make sure to add some to your moving survival kit.

Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Woman packing toilet paper into her DIY moving survival kit

Paper goods are extremely important to have available as soon as you move in. Pack enough toilet paper to place a roll in each bathroom of your new home. One or two rolls of paper towels will help ensure you have enough to clean up any accidental spills or shampoo bottle explosions that may happen during the move.

Trash Bags

Many people run out of trash bags while moving out and forget to bring a fresh roll of trash bags with them to their new home. Pack a large roll of bags in your moving survival kit to make sure you have plenty on hand during the move-in process.

Cell Phone Chargers

Today, we are reliant on our cell phones for so many things. The last thing you need on moving day is for your phone to die. Make sure to pack your phone chargers in your moving survival kit. If you have an external battery pack, that’s even better.

Box Cutters

Woman opening a cardboard box with a box cutter

Box cutters are an essential part of your DIY moving survival kit. Be sure to pack extras, but keep them out of reach of small children. If you don’t have box cutters, pack a utility knife or scissors instead.

Healthy snacks and Bottled Water

Even though food is a necessity, it’s easy to forget to make plans for it when you are busy keeping track of so many other things during a move. Healthy snacks and bottles of water are just what you need to stay hydrated and energized throughout your move.

First Aid Kit

Items you might find in a moving survival kit: bottled water, toilet paper, aspirin, bandaids, etc.

It is always a good idea to have a first aid kit available during your move. Accidents are bound to happen. Keeping a few bandaids and aspirin on hand will save you a lot of headache during your move.


Moving days are long and exhausting. The Florida heat will leave you drained and… well… after a few hours, you certainly won’t smell like roses. Packing a travel-sized deodorant in your moving survival kit can help you smell fresh even when you’re covered in grime and sweat.

Who to Call Before Moving Day

Megan's Moving professional movers carrying furniture into a large luxury home.

Having a DIY moving survival kit will help you prepare for the stress and chaos of moving day. If you want your move to be less stressful and chaotic in the first place, then call Megan’s Moving. Our white glove moving services are designed to help your move be as pleasant and efficient as possible. Not only do our movers wear masks while inside your home, but we also conduct daily temperature checks and disinfect our moving trucks after every use.

Schedule a consultation with one of our moving experts or give us a call at (407) 930-4553. We would love to help you with your move.

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