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5 Things People Forget When Planning to Move

In order to have a successful move, planning is key. Moving is always easier when you follow a plan. It also makes moving less stressful. There are so many factors to think about when planning to move, that it can be easy to overlook some things. We’ll walk you through the five things most people forget so that you can be prepared to have a smooth and efficient move. 

Planning to Move? Remember to…

1. Schedule a Moving Company! 

Megan's Moving van

It sounds obvious, but many people wait until the last minute to schedule their move with a moving company. This should be the first thing you do. Moving companies’ schedules fill up quickly; we suggest scheduling with them two months in advance. The sooner you can schedule, the better. This way you can make sure quality movers will be available when you need them.

2. Decide Who Will Pack

Packing tape on top of cardboard boxes with other moving supplies in the background

It’s important to decide who will pack for your move early on. Decide whether you’d like to pack yourself or hire a moving company to do it for you. We recommend the latter. Packing takes time and must also be scheduled with your mover, so don’t wait to make the decision.

3. Plan for Access to Your Old Home and Your New One

Back of a moving truck parked on the street with the lift gate down

Moving trucks are large vehicles that need ample parking space. Carrying boxes farther than necessary will wear you out, and if you hire a mover, a long carry will cost you more. A long carry is when a moving company has to carry your items for a long distance between the moving truck and your home. Most moving companies have a maximum distance they will move your items without charging an additional fee.

4. Plan for Storage

A cluttered garage, just one example of an area that may require additional storage when planning a move

If you don’t think you need it, double-check your attic, basements, closets, and sheds! We forget about items that we don’t use often. This is why it’s also important to clear out your space before moving so you can minimize the need for storage. Having fewer things to move will also save you money!

Discover a joyful way to declutter your home for a tidy move »

5. Assess Your Specialty Items

Piano suspended from a crane—remember to account for specialty items when planning a move!

Specialty items include items with extra-large dimensions, high-value items, and items that require unusual care or handling. Most moving companies are not properly trained on how to move specialty items. That’s why specialty moving exists! These specialty movers have experience moving unique valuables of all shapes and sizes. 

Example Specialty Items

Large items like pianos, grandfather clocks, and antiques are a few examples of valuables that may require specialty movers. Even a Sleep Number bed often requires a specialist to disassemble and reassemble it during a move. If you have multiple cars, specialty movers can also help transport your vehicles safely. There are even specialty movers for boats, jet skis, and other watersports equipment. 

Bonus Tip: Hire a White Glove Moving Company!

Megan's Moving crew carrying chairs into a large home

As a white glove moving company, Megan’s Moving can provide references to specialty movers to ensure that all your most valuable belongings are moved safely and securely. Our expert movers can disassemble and reassemble your furniture in addition to packing and unpacking for you. Once you’re moved in, we even offer design services to help style your new home through our sister company, MHM Professional Staging. 

If you’re planning to move soon, consider handing off the entire moving process to a white glove moving company like Megan’s Moving. We’ll take care of the five things most people forget and more. Request a quote for your full-service move today!

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