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Megan’s Moving is Now a Proud Partner of UNITS

At Megan’s Moving, we are always looking for ways to better serve our valued customers. That’s why we are so excited to announce our newest partner and sister company, UNITS Orlando Moving & Portable Storage. Our full-service, white glove moving company can now offer a more complete, end-to-end moving solution. We are happy to extend our offerings to include storage solutions and assistance with cross-country moves.

The Benefits of UNITS Portable Storage

Portable storage units are the most convenient type of storage available, and UNITS offers the best options. UNITS Portable Storage allows you to store your belongings safely at your home or property. You also have the option of safely storing your belongings in one of their secure storage facilities. The storage at UNITS is available for both short-term and long-term storage needs. The containers are clean, safe, secure, and weather-resistant.

A UNITS storage container being moved inside a facility by machinery.

UNITS delivers their storage units using their proprietary delivery system called ROBO-UNIT. This system allows them to deliver portable storage units to even the tightest of spaces. They can also provide level loading and unloading of your container. So you don’t have to use a ramp to load or unload, making it easier and safer.

UNITS can deliver their portable storage containers right to your desired location. They also give you the opportunity to pack at your convenience without any time constraints. Packing materials are also available for rent or purchase. If you need assistance, Megan’s Moving can safely pack and unpack your portable storage unit.

A man and woman looking outside the window holding mugs with a UNITS storage container in sight.

UNITS Storage Features

UNITS portable storage comes in 2 sizes, 8 x 8 x 12 and 8 x 8 x 16. They can hold up to 8,000 lbs and are equipped with ETRACK Securing System. ETRACK is a proprietary strap and restraint system that will make sure your belongings stay put. Optional roll up doors and translucent roofs are also available.

UNITS containers are built tough with all steel construction. This includes tough steel frames and steel doors. They are the most weatherproof containers on the market, so no tarps are necessary.

A UNITS truck carrying three storage containers.

UNITS Storage Facilities Available Nationwide

UNITS storage facilities are available nationwide. If you are moving across the country, UNITS also specializes in long-distance moving. UNITS can help you move your portable storage containers no matter where you plan to move.

Exceptional Customer Service

Like Megan’s Moving, UNITS Orlando is locally owned and operated. The team is very knowledgeable about the local community and has decades of experience in the local real estate industry. They pride themselves in providing exceptional service. They work hard to understand each customer’s unique situation. When you call UNITS customer service they don’t direct you to a call center across the country like most other solutions. Instead, you can talk with experts in storage who know the local area well.

UNITS Storage Compared with Other Solutions

A parked UNITS truck.

Compared with other storage solutions, UNITS is competitively priced. Unlike moving truck options, you don’t have to pay hourly for UNITS storage containers. UNITS also has cost-effective insurance options compared to UHAUL. In addition, because UNITS storage has more interior space and capacity it can fit 511 more cubic feet than U-Haul containers. Its all-steel construction is superior to U-Haul’s containers made of wood, adhesive, and staples.

The cost of UNITS storage is also more competitive than most self-storage solutions. Unlike self-storage facilities, UNITS offers month-to-month agreements. Other options offer multiple months or year-to-year agreements common with self-storage facilities. Plus, the delivery option included with UNITS makes it more convenient than having to travel to and from a self-storage facility.

A blonde woman smiling at her toddler who is staring out the window with a UNITS storage container in view.

Book UNITS Storage for Your Next Move

Whether you are moving, remodeling, or staging your home, our new sister company, UNITS, is the ultimate storage solution. When it comes to convenience and quality, you can count on UNITS Orlando Moving and Portable Storage. We are happy to partner with them to better serve our current and future clientele. Contact UNITS to fulfill your storage and moving needs today.

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