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Megan’s Moving Named Top Moving Company in Orlando (again!)

To say 2020 had its share of challenges is an understatement, but at Megan’s Moving we’re grateful that we’ve also had some wins. One of our most recent wins is being named a top moving company in Orlando again by We are honored and wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing clientele! We believe our white glove difference is a key factor that set us apart and helped us secure a spot on this list.

The White Glove Difference

Hispanic male from Megan's Moving team wrapping a chair with a moving blanket.

White glove moving is a luxury moving service in which trained professionals go the extra mile to relocate your belongings safely, efficiently, and with great attention to detail. White glove movers are especially beneficial when moving high-end and/or fragile items. When it comes to protecting your belongings, we go above and beyond.

State-of-the-art Moving Equipment

African American and Hispanic members of the Megan's Moving team unloading a moving truck.

Our state of the art moving equipment is just one of the many ways we go above and beyond to keep your belongings safe. Not only do we keep your belongings safe, but we take extra measures to keep your old and new home protected, too. For instance, we use floor runners to and from high traffic areas to protect all your floors from moving debris and dirt. 

A staircase properly protected along with floor runners to protect the floor.

In addition, we offer custom-fit rail coverings to protect them from damage as furniture is moved. We also offer custom-fit door jam protectors to protect them from furniture bumping in and out of rooms. Our ramps allow us to gently exit large heavy items out of homes so we do not damage stairs in the process.

Another thing that sets us apart is our state of the art moving trucks complete with padded walls. They have extra protection that prevents furniture from colliding into hard surfaces. The trucks also provide shock absorption for bumpy travel. There is also a vacuum created with the wall when the truck is packed to avoid movement between items. With our trucks, you can be sure your belongings are as secure as possible.

Full-Service Moves

African American and Hispanic members of Megan's Moving team moving something into a home.

At Megan’s Moving we offer full-service moves. We can take care of your entire move from packing up your old home to unpacking and rearranging your new home. This means you won’t have to worry about things like selecting the right sized truck or gathering the right moving supplies. We make sure to inventory all your items so you can easily locate them during your move.

We even offer setup, installation, and assembly services. If you wish to have everything set up so you can settle into your new home right away, we can take care of that for you. We can assemble your furniture and hang everything up from your wall art to your televisions.

Trusted Partners

Unlike standard moving companies, we have the expertise to move all your items. You don’t want to risk damaging your valuables like your one-of-a-kind antiques. For any specialty items we can’t move, like hot tubs and pianos, we have great relationships with trusted partners. This saves you the time it would take to research reputable companies.

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Hire a White Glove Moving Company

Megan's Moving professional movers carrying furniture into a large luxury home.

There are just some of the reasons, we believe Megan’s Moving was named a top moving company in Orlando again this year. To all our past and future clients, thank you for choosing us help you move and keep your beautiful homes safe. We look forward to continuing to provide the best white glove moving service to all of you! If you’re getting ready for a move, request a quote for your full-service move today!

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