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Insider Tips for Your Summer Move

Thinking of moving this summer? Wondering how you’ll get it all done without melting in the Florida heat? Don’t sweat it! We have four insider tips that will make your summer move easy breezy. These tips are based on our experience with moving households throughout Florida.

Tip #1: Don’t Wait to Book Your Movers

Summer is moving busy season, so don’t wait to book your movers. It’s the ideal time for families to move because kids are out of school, and it’s a great time for people in northern states to move because they can avoid the hassle of moving in the snow. This creates a high demand for moving services that can drive prices up and reduce the availability of movers. If you wait too long to book your summer move, you’ll probably get stuck with an undesirable moving date and you might have to pay more for your move.

Giving yourself as much time as possible to plan a move is always a good idea. Planning ahead will allow you to declutter your home before you pack. It will also give you time to create an inventory of the items you are moving. When you book your movers far in advance, you will have your choice of moving dates and time. Best of all, booking your summer move early could save you in moving costs.

Tip #2: Schedule Your Summer Move for the Morning

Moving in the summer isn’t easy. Especially here in central Florida! Between the heat and the humidity, a summer move will have you sweating in seconds. Beat the worst of the heat by scheduling your move for the morning. You may not like waking up early, but it’s worth losing a little sleep to avoid the noontime sun.

Tip #3: Outsource Your Packing

Moving in the summer heat is already exhausting; make the whole process easier by outsourcing your packing. Not only will professional packers save you time and energy, but they will also pack your belongings better than you can. The moving crew at Megan’s Moving has been trained in how to properly pack items so that they don’t break during transit. We also have our own packing and moving supplies to get the job done right. When you outsource your packing, your belongings will be packed more efficiently, too. That means you’ll have fewer boxes and a much more efficient summer move!

Tip #4: Pack a Cooler

Dehydration is a real danger when moving in the summer. Keep everyone in good health (and good spirits) by packing a cooler for your summer move. You’ll want to have plenty of water, a few sports drinks, snacks, and ice. If you’re moving with children, also consider packing toys or activities to keep them busy. You may even want to throw a damp towel in the cooler, too. It makes for a refreshing compress!

Survive Your Summer Move!

Use our four insider tips to make your summer move easy breezy! If you’re ready to schedule your moving and packing services, get a free quote from Megan’s Moving today.

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