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How to Start Feeling at Home in a New Community

new communityIf you are moving to a new area, the experience can be both exciting and overwhelming. Everyone is a stranger and nothing is familiar. The best way to start feeling at home is in a new community is to embrace the newness and dive right in.

Focus on the excitement of exploring a new place and meeting new people. It may feel impossible at first, but you’ll be amazed by how quickly you will start settling in once you get actively involved in the community.

Here are 7 easy ways to get involved, make friends, and start feeling at home in your new town or neighborhood.

Tips for Settling into a New Community Neighborhood

Join a club

One of the best ways to dive right into meeting likeminded people is to join a local club. You’ll know right off the bat that you have something in common because of the shared interest of whatever the topic may be, and most communities have a variety of clubs to choose from, such as book clubs, food clubs, and pet lovers clubs.


Volunteering is a wonderful way to immediately start giving back to your new community, as well as meet new people in the process. You never know whose life you could impact in a positive way and it will instantly make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger.

Take a class

Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn? Chances are, there will be a class in the community that will interest you, such as cooking classes, computer classes, or even something physical like a fitness class. Not only will you learn something new, but you’ll make some new friends, too.

Pick up a sport

Every community has sports leagues for adults and children and you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to get involved. You could even offer to coach a team if you have the time and skills.

Support small businesses

Seek out local shops, restaurants, and businesses to show your support for the community. It will help the local economy and your neighbors will appreciate it.

Hang out at the park

If you have kids or pets, start visiting the local park regularly. Chances are, there will be other regulars that you’ll start to recognize and strike up conversations with that could lead to new friendships.

Host a block party

Block parties are great way to build relationships with your neighbors. Start by getting to know your closest neighbors and then introduce the idea of throwing a block party. Most people will be thrilled with the idea and jump at the chance to get involved.

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