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How to Safely Pack Artwork and Wall Hangings for a Move

Worried about your artwork and wall hangings getting damaged in the move? Follow these simple packing tips to keep them safe during transit.Some of the most fragile items you’ll have to move are artwork and mirrors. These items can be awkward depending on their size, as well as delicate due to glass and other elements. It’s important to take the proper care and precautions to make sure they make it safely through the journey from one place to the next.

Follow these easy tips for packing artwork and wall hangings to ensure your favorites aren’t damaged during a move.

Packing Tips for Artwork and Wall Hangings

Use the right supplies

Keeping your artwork and wall hangings protected starts with the right supplies. First, get appropriately sized boxes. For large pieces, especially mirrors, the optimal choice is a box specially made for wall art in a size and shape that will provide a secure fit. We offer boxes in a variety of sizes, including ones designed for art and mirrors.

If you are packing smaller pieces, like family photos, pack them together with others of similar sizes. For example, pack all small picture frames together in a small box. Fill in gaps with bubble wrap or towels to prevent shifting.

Next, stock up on the proper packing supplies: bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing tape. Your most fragile wall art, especially mirrors, should be wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure its best possible safety for transport. Always use packing paper instead of an alternative like newspaper because the ink can rub off onto your artwork, and always use packing tape instead of duct tape because packing tape is easier to remove and won’t leave behind a residue.

Wrap them carefully

Lay out the packing paper or bubble wrap, then place the artwork face-down on it. The paper should be twice the size of the item you want to pack so that you can wrap it like a present. Make sure the paper or bubble wrap is snug when you wrap it, then wrap the packing tape vertically and horizontally around the item to ensure that the paper won’t move.

All items should be wrapped separately, even small pieces, to make sure nothing rubs together and is secure as possible.

Label it properly

Once it’s packed and ready to go, it’s time to label it. It’s important that your movers and anyone else who will be handling the item know that what’s in it is fragile. Make it very clear by labeling the box with the word “FRAGILE” in a large, clear manner on both sides.

Transport with care

Fragile items, especially artwork, should be placed on the moving truck with care. If you are packing the truck yourself, be sure to place the items on their sides and wedge them between heavy objects to keep them from moving and shifting during transit. However, be careful not to wedge them between something that could bend, pierce or dent the artwork.

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