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How to Plan Upsizing Your Home

Whether it’s an increased income or a growing family, you may be thinking about upsizing your home. Upsizing is a little more challenging than downsizing although some parts of the process are the same. We’ve gathered some tips to help you plan your move into a bigger home.

Determine Your Budget

Take into account the expenses involved with purchasing your next home. You will also have to consider increased expenses that come along with moving into a bigger home. For example, a bigger home means higher maintenance fees, utility bills, and property taxes. A bigger home also means more cleaning. If this is something you outsource, you should prepare for your cleaning fees to increase.

Plan Room by Room

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Moving into a bigger home also means you’ll most likely need to buy more furniture and decor to fill up the additional space. It’s best to plan out what you need room by room. We recommend starting out with your high traffic areas first like your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. After you have planned out your most important rooms, you can move on to the rooms you won’t use as often.

Don’t Rush the Process

Since it’s likely you will be staying in your new home for many years to come, allow yourself to take your time getting settled. If you rush the process, you’ll be more likely to make mistakes. Take your time gathering as many ideas and inspiration on how you want to fill up and decorate the extra space you will have.

Get Creative with Spare Rooms

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When moving into a bigger home, you may have spare rooms you’ll need to fill up. More guest rooms are great options, but you can also get creative with other ideas. A home office or craft room are excellent options for spare rooms. Consider what your hobbies are when deciding on how to transform extra rooms. Maybe you want to turn a spare room into a meditation room, yoga room, or overall fitness room. You may even consider turning one of your rooms into a bedroom you can rent out on Air Bnb so you can make some extra cash.

Alternatives to Upsizing

As mentioned earlier, there are many increased costs when it comes to upsizing. You may want to consider other alternatives. Ask yourself the outcomes you want from upsizing and see if other alternatives can accomplish them.


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Perhaps you are thinking of upsizing your home because you are craving a change and you don’t necessarily need the extra space. You may want to consider renovation instead. You can even make rooms bigger simply by changing the size or shape of them. The cost could be significantly lower than buying a larger property.


You can also create extensions in your existing home by adding rooms to your property. You’ll want to get permission from your city to create these new additions. That way you can avoid getting in trouble for breaking any zoning laws.

Consider Other Storage Solutions

If the reason you are considering upsizing is because you are running out of space to store things, consider building a structure like a large shed. This is a wonderful option if you have a large lot. Depending on where you live, you may also need to get permission to add this structure as well.

Hire A White Glove Moving Company

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Whether you end up upsizing your home, renovating it, or building an extra storage structure, Megan’s Moving offers services that can help you with the process. We can help you move your items into a bigger home. In addition, if you need temporary storage solutions as you are renovating or adding rooms, our partner, UNITS Orlando can provide you with the best. Request a quote for the services you require today!

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