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How to Pack Up Your Garage for a Move

How to Pack Up Your Garage for a MoveThe garage is often put off as one of the last places people pack up for a move. It’s understandable why – there is a lot of clutter out there that you probably haven’t thought about for years. However, it’s good to tackle the garage sooner rather than later.

Follow these tips for packing up a garage for a move to help you stay organized and get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Packing Tips for a Garage


Garages collect more clutter than any other room in the house. It’s easy to store things out there and forget all about them. Before you start packing, go through everything and get rid of anything you no longer want or need, such as tools you never use, old holiday décor, outdated workout equipment, items kids have grown out of, etc. Sell or donate anything that is in decent shape.

Pack heavy items in small boxes

There are a lot of heavy, awkwardly-shaped items in the garage, but trying to pack multiple heavy items in a large box is a big mistake. This will make the boxes flimsy and unstable. Instead, pack heavy items in the smallest boxes possible to give them more stability. Fill in any gaps with paper, bubble wrap, or blankets and be sure to carefully wrap anything that is fragile or breakable.

Take special care of small items

Small items, such as nuts and bolts, should be packed separately in small baggies that are clearly labeled. It’s very easy for small items such as these to get lost, so keep the baggies somewhere safe.

Take precautions with sharp edges

Tools with sharp edges, such as knives, garden sheers, and saws, should be carefully wrapped with towels or several layers of bubble wrap, then secured with something tight such as string, rope, or zip ties to ensure that no one will get hurt in the process of transporting them. They could poke through a box and easily injure someone if not properly wrapped and packed.

Group items with long handles together

Items with long handles, such as rakes and shovels, can be wrapped together as a bundle to make transport easier. However, make sure they are clean first and wrap the base in blankets if necessary to keep them from damaging anything or harming someone in the process.

Pack tools in their original boxes

Tools are best packed in their original boxes but if they aren’t available, carefully wrap them up and pack them in small boxes to ensure their safety. Also, be sure to remove batteries, wrap up their cords, and disassemble them.

Label clearly

Like any other room, make sure boxes from the garage are clearly labeled and inventory what’s in them so you’ll know if anything goes missing. This will also make organizing your new garage a lot easier.

Get rid of forbidden items

There are some items that movers are unable to move due to safety reasons. A lot of those items are stored in the garage, so it’s important to dispose of them before the move. They include things are flammable or toxic, such as gasoline, charcoal, paint and paint thinners, fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals. Make sure your lawn equipment is completely drained before moving day, otherwise movers will not be able to move it for you.

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