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The Right Way to Pack Glass for a Move

When moving, there are some fragile items—like glass—that require extra care. Often, glass pieces like glass table tops are unique pieces that are difficult (not to mention expensive!) to replace. If you’ve ever broken glass, you also know it’s not fun to clean up. It’s also very dangerous to have broken shards of glass everywhere. To protect your glass pieces during a move and save yourself from the hassle of broken or shattered glass, heed the following advice.

How to Pack and Move Glass

First and foremost, make sure to account for all of your glass pieces. Besides glass table tops, this can include mirrors, glass shelves, and glass picture frames. Gather them all together and wrap them all at once for efficiency.

Glass table top in a modern dining room

When wrapping anything for a move, it’s important to make sure you have the right moving supplies. To keep your glass safe and protected, the first thing you want to do is wrap the glass in moving blankets. Ideally, you should wrap two moving blankets all around the piece. After your glass is wrapped in moving blankets, use moving rubber bands to hold the blankets in place. Then wrap the entire thing in bubble wrap. Finally, tape the bubble wrap to make sure it’s secure.

For extra safety, you can put the wrapped glass piece in a snug-fitting box. If you can’t find a box the appropriate size, you can also use a regular box collapsed flat. It’s best to use a collapsed box that is around 30% larger than the glass piece. Tape one end of the collapsed box before inserting the glass piece. This will create a cardboard sleeve. After you slide the glass inside, you can secure the other side with tape.

Pack and Label Glass Carefully

Once you’ve safely packed your glass, make sure you label all your packed glass clearly. For flat pieces of glass, write “Glass” on the box along with the message “Do Not Lay Flat.” A flat piece of glass should always be carried and stored on its edge. Make sure the labels are large and visible. Be sure to label both sides of the box.  

Moving boxes labeled with fragile stickers

After your items are properly labeled, put them in the moving truck safely. Secure them between heavier items. Make sure there isn’t anything with a hard surface packed nearby that could shift and damage the glass during the move. 

Moving Glass Top Tables

It’s easier and safer to remove the glass from a glass top table when moving it. Most glass can be easily removed from tables, but sometimes the glass is secured with screws. You should still unscrew the glass and pack it separately.

Glass-top table with white wicker bench and a vase of flowers

How Not to Store Your Glass

Never Lay Your Glass Pieces Flat

Never lay glass items such as tabletops flat. They are more likely to crack or shatter that way. Because of the molecular structure of glass, its integrity is strongest on its edge. You can find out more about the science behind glass and why it’s ideal to keep it upright here.

Do Not Stack Glass

Avoid stacking glass, especially before wrapping. Dirt or grime could come in between the glass pieces and cause scratches. Stacked glass can also be difficult to separate. 

Do Not Store Anything Heavy on Glass

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Glass is fragile and can’t hold up too much weight. If too much pressure is applied to the glass, it can crack, shatter, or break.

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Keep Your Glass Safe with a White Glove Moving Company

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If you’d rather avoid the pressure of safely moving glass and other breakables, consider hiring a professional team of white glove movers like Megan’s Moving. We pride ourselves in the extra measures we take to keep all of your belongings safe, especially the most fragile ones. Request a quote for white glove moving today.

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