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How to Hold a Successful Moving Sale

Moving is a wonderful time to go through your belongings and decide what’s worth taking with you. It’s the perfect time to minimize clutter for a fresh start in your new home. One way to get rid of old belongings is to hold a moving sale. We’ve gathered some tips on how to hold a successful moving sale.

Benefits of a Moving Sale

Organizing a moving sale has its benefits. Getting rid of items means you will have less stuff to load on the moving truck and less unpacking. It’s also a great opportunity to fill your new home with only the things that bring you joy or serve a purpose. A moving sale is especially beneficial if you are trying to downsize your home.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Moving Sale

Set a Date and Time

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The first step in organizing any event is picking a date and time. A weekend day is best for a moving sale and Saturday is the most ideal. Check around to make sure the date you select doesn’t conflict with any big events such as local festivals or sporting events. In addition, avoid hosting your moving sale around a holiday.

The best time to host your moving sale is morning through the afternoon. Since temperatures are rising for summer, the earlier you start the better. Be prepared for early birds that will come just before the listed time.

Check with Local Authorities

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You may need to check with local authorities like the local city hall to get clearance for your moving sale. Check to see if you’ll need a permit. It’s recommended that you do this 3-4 weeks ahead of time.

Go Through Your Whole House

Be thorough when gathering items to sell at your moving sale. Don’t just look for items in obvious spots. In addition to your closets, be sure to check your attic or shed.

Offer a Great Selection

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Try to only sell things that are in great condition. Avoid selling anything that is broken, dirty, or in poor condition. Try to have some items that typically do well in moving sales like tools, kitchenware, and vintage glassware.

Market Your Moving Sale

In order to hold a successful moving sale people need to first be aware of it. There are many other ways to spread the word about your moving sale besides posting up signs along the roads. Consider using social media. You can post about it on online neighborhood groups. You can also put up fliers on the bulletin boards of local businesses.

Ask Neighbors to Join You

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Consider inviting your neighbors to join your moving sale. This will enable you to offer a greater collection of items and make your moving sale more appealing. It can also make your moving sale more enjoyable since you aren’t hosting it alone.

Offer Great Deals

Keep in mind that when people attend moving sales, they are expecting great deals. Consider offering bulk deals. For instance, if you are selling books, offer a discount if they buy a certain amount. You could sell them individually for 1.50 or 5 for $5. For any items that are worth more than what you can sell them for, consider bringing them to a consignment store instead.

Other Ways to Sell Your Items

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If you’d rather avoid hosting a moving sale, there are many other ways you can sell your items. For selling clothes, you can list them on a resale app called Poshmark. If you are selling furniture, the Facebook Marketplace is a great place to list your items. You could also try neighborhood groups within Facebook. There are also easy-to-use apps to list your items for sale like Offer Up. These alternatives are great ways to sell your items while beating the heat.

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