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How to Help Pets Adjust to a New Home

Moving is a big event for everyone involved, including your pets. While some pets have no issue at all adjusting to a new residence, others find it a bit more difficult. Anxious pets can experience a lot of stress during a move and struggle to adjust to their new environment.

To help your pet settle into a new home, follow these easy tips that will help them relax and shed their anxiety.

Tips for Settling Pets into a New Home

Keep your routine consistent

Pets do best when they have a routine and unfortunately, moving can disrupt that. While you’re moving and especially once you move into the new home, try to keep up with the routine they’re used to as closely as possible. Keep feeding times the same, take them on walks at the same time, and put them to bed at the same time. This will help them adjust faster because while their environment has changed, their life with you hasn’t.

Bring things that smell like home

Pets, especially dogs, rely heavily on scents. In a new home, there will be a lot of new scents that can overwhelm them. Make sure they are immediately surrounded by their favorite toys and bedding that are covered in the scents they are used to as soon as you move in. Set up their own spot with these things so they have somewhere comfortable to go.

Let them explore

While they need to have a place they can go to with familiar scents, it’s also important to let them roam around the new place and get their bearings when they want to. If you keep them closed off for too long, it will increase their anxiety. As soon as it’s safe to do so, let them start exploring the new place and get used to everything in their own way.

Meet with your new veterinarian

If you’ve moved to a new town and had to switch veterinarians, it’s good to meet with them before your pet needs their next shots or check-up. You want to make sure you are comfortable with the new office, doctors, and staff in case you decide they’re not a good fit for you and want to seek out a different vet.

Find a local dog park

If your dog is very social, it’s a great idea to do some research and find out where the local dog park is, then take your dog for their first outing. Not only will this help you get involved in the new community, your pet will also appreciate the exercise and time outdoors and can start getting his bearings, too.

Give them extra attention

For a pet that is particularly anxious, give them a lot of extra attention for the first few weeks in the new place. Affection helps a great deal in calming down an anxious pet and will help them trust that everything is okay and back to normal.

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