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How to Avoid 5 Common Moving Day Mishaps

How to AvoidThere are a lot of things to keep on top of during a move that start with packing and culminate to moving day. It’s true that there are a lot of things that can go wrong. However, by addressing these issues ahead of time and doing the proper planning, you are much less likely to run into any major issues.

Here are five common moving day mishaps and how to avoid them so you have a smooth, stress-free move.

Common Moving Day Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

Not Being Organized

The biggest mistake you can make when moving is not taking the time to properly organize it. Simply packing up your stuff and hoping for the best will leave you wide open to a myriad of problems, such as forgetting important tasks and not having certain things in place on moving day that will make the process go smoother. Put together a moving binder that holds a checklist, timeline, and important documents so you can keep track of everything. (Click here for more tips on organizing your move before, during and after moving day.)

Haphazard Packing

If you want your belongings to make it to the new home in the same condition in which you packed them, it’s crucial that you take care when doing so. This means getting the right supplies and following some easy, efficient techniques.

First, make sure you have a variety of box sizes and that all your boxes are sturdy. We recommend purchasing boxes rather than using free ones so they are made well and will fit into the truck in a uniform manner. Be generous with packing paper, and opt for that rather than newspaper so ink won’t transfer to your belongings. Also, have plenty of packing tape (not duct tape) and bubble wrap on hand.

Next, follow the recommended packing guidelines for each type of item. Fragile items especially need a lot of care. Make use of cell dividers for plates, leave no empty spaces that could allow for shifting in boxes, and pack heavy items in smaller boxes.

Poor Weather

Since moving day is usually planned pretty far in advance, it’s impossible to know whether or not it will end up raining that day. While it definitely puts a damper on the situation, a little bit of rain doesn’t have to stop the entire operation. Have a plan in place in case the weather does turn bad. Keep ponchos on hand, put down mats in high traffic areas to soak up water and mud, and build in some extra time since the rain will cause everything to happen a little slower, including traffic. (Click here for more tips on preparing for bad weather on moving day.)

Traffic Issues

Unfortunately, traffic is something you simply can’t control on moving day. Road blockages, back-ups on interstates, and slow drivers can all slow down your move. Build in some extra time just in case this happens and don’t rush. Have some alternate routes planned, too, and communicate them with the movers so you’re prepared if you need to use them.

Bad Movers

You should be able to rely on your movers, but not doing your due diligence before hiring a moving company can cost you in the long run. Bad movers can avoid showing up on moving day, run off with your belongings, or cause damage to your property with carelessness. That’s why it’s important to interview the movers you’re considering hiring and look at their reviews, references, and BBB ratings. The right movers will make moving day easier, not more stressful!

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