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Do You Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

In between moves, you may discover that you need to place some things in storage. When deciding where to store your things, you’ll want to consider whether or not you’ll need climate-controlled storage. Depending on what you are storing, it may be necessary to keep your belongings safe. We’ve gathered tips to help you determine when it’s best to use climate-controlled storage.

Consider the Weather Where You Live

Close-up of a thermometer with the sun blazing in the background.

Climate-controlled storage helps protect belongings from humidity and drastic changes in temperature. These units are specifically designed to maintain steady temperatures and humidity levels. Climate-controlled units are kept at temperatures between 50-85. 

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, climate-controlled storage is a necessity. We highly recommend them for Florida since hurricanes are common along with extreme heat and humidity. No matter where you live, it’s helpful to be aware of weather patterns.

Consider How Long You Plan to Store Items

Storage facility with an open unit with boxes stored inside.

If you plan to store your items for a long time like several months to a year or longer, climate-controlled storage is a good idea. In that time frame, chances are the weather is going to experience changes. If you’re not storing items listed below, you should be okay with a standard unit if you’re only storing items for a short time-frame. Think less than a month for outdoor storage and less than three months for indoor storage.

Items Sensitive to Weather


Various electronics like a keyboard, headphones, mouse, and game controller.

Extreme heat and humidity can cause the internal parts of electronics to rust. In freezing climates, there is a risk of cracking. This can make the electronics unusable or dangerous for future use. The quality of batteries can decrease due to weather conditions. 

Musical instruments

Musical instruments are also very sensitive to extreme temperatures, especially string instruments. They are expensive to replace. Don’t take the risk, and store them in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Tops of instruments against white wood background.

Certain Types of Furniture 

Wood swells up in the summer and shrinks in winter. Constant swelling and/or shrinking will cause damage. Moisture exposure can also cause wood to rot. When storing wood furniture, do not use outdoor units. Furniture made from metal, wicker, leather, or upholstery can also be compromised by the weather. 

Photos and Important Documents

Photos and important documents can melt together in hot temperatures. This can make them very difficult to separate. It’s possible for them to disintegrate in extreme weather conditions. Important documents can become illegible. Avoid storing photos and important documents in outdoor units.


A brown leather couch in a living room.

All leather should be kept in climate-controlled storage. This includes leather furniture, clothing, and bicycles with leather seats. Moisture can cause the leather to become discolored. Leather is also susceptible to mold and mildew.

Antiques, Collectibles, and Artwork

Antiques are prone to rust due to heat and humidity. In freezing temperatures, they are prone to cracking. The same is true for collectibles. Comic books and stamps could be ruined by heat and humidity. Artwork can also be distorted by the weather.

Closeup of someone adding a stamp to their collection.

Questions to Consider

If you’re unsure if an item should be stored in a climate-controlled storage ask yourselves these questions:

  • Is the item susceptible to mold or mildew?
  • Will moisture cause it to warp, crack, deteriorate, or become discolored?
  • Would high temperatures cause it to expand or contract?
  • Is it supposed to be kept at a certain temperature like wine?
  • Is it sensitive to extreme heat or cold?
  • How valuable or sentimental is the item to you?
  • Is the item irreplaceable?

Hire A White Glove Moving Company

Megan's Moving professional movers carrying furniture into a large luxury home.

Climate-controlled storage is generally more expensive than regular storage units. However, it’s worth it since it can prevent damages from the weather. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Although Megan’s Moving does not offer storage solutions, we can help you identify the best type of storage for your belongings. Request a quote for your full-service move today!

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