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Don’t Make These Common Packing Mistakes

Packing up all your belongings for a move is a tedious but necessary task. The way you pack can greatly affect how smoothly your whole moving process unfolds. The truth is, there might be more to packing than you might think, especially if this is your first move. It’s all about preparation and having a detailed plan for yourself. If you’re wondering where to begin, here are some of the most common packing mistakes we want to help you avoid.

Lack of Planning

This might seem like an obvious step, but you need to plan your packing well in advance. Once you have an official move-in date, you’ll want to start packing at least a month before. Plus, even before you start putting anything in boxes, you’ll want to sort, donate, and organize. This takes time, but it’s well worth it to think ahead. You’ll be grateful you did once you’re settling into your new home.

Not Taking Inventory

A senior woman looking at a picture frame as she packs items into moving boxes.

It’s crucial that you keep track of everything you own and which items you’re packing. Not taking a thorough inventory can lead to confusion and stress during and after your move. If this part of the process is overlooked, you might not realize you’ve lost something important. Keeping tabs on this will be extra helpful for unpacking and organization in the new space.

No Labels

Labeling your boxes is key. If you skip this step and start putting random items together, you’re bound to find yourself with a mess. Mark everything as you go, and keep similar items together. Be strategic with this, and be as detailed as possible with your labeling. Also, this is when you’ll want to make it extra clear which boxes contain fragile items.

Wrong Supplies

A smiling woman uses a tape dispenser to seal a moving box.

Believe it or not, the boxes, tape, and packing paper you choose matter. The quality and kind of supplies you choose can determine whether your packed boxes hold up. For example, packing with used boxes can sometimes be a risky move. Double check what you’ll need beforehand, and make sure you have all the necessary materials. This will save you from a lot of unnecessary frustration down the line.

Too Much or Too Little

When it comes time to pack your boxes, take the time to figure out how you want to fill them. Overstuffing a box is dangerous for the safety of both you and your items. If this is the case, you risk exceeding the box’s weight limit, which can lead to disaster. At the same time, leaving empty space has a downside, too. This leaves enough room for your items to shift every time the box moves.

Overlooking Fragile Items

Packing a vase into a moving box with packing peanuts.

Fragile items like glass or family heirlooms require special care. This holds true when you’re coming up with your packing strategy. Beyond labeling the boxes “fragile,” consider what precautionary measures you might take. This could include bubble wrap, and packing in a specific weight order. Not taking the time to ensure these pieces are properly wrapped and protected can lead to a lot of regret later.

Forgetting an Essentials Box

Amidst the chaos of moving your whole life, you might forget to set the essentials aside. An essentials box should have whatever you’ll want as soon as you get to your new house. What will you need to be most comfortable? It seems simple, but it can be easy to forget the little things you’ll want right away, like snacks or toiletries. It’s best to keep these items within reach.

The White Glove Solution

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There’s a lot that goes into moving your belongings. Why not hire a white glove moving company like Megan’s Moving to help? You won’t have to lift a finger or worry about any of these common packing mistakes. Schedule a consultation with one of our moving experts today!

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