Important Steps Not to Overlook When Packing Food for a Move

Food is one of the last things people think about when it comes to packing for a move. If you plan on throwing everything in a box, you’ll be missing out on some important steps and could be taking up unnecessary space on the truck and in your new home. Follow these tips on packing…

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Why You Should Inventory Your Stuff When Packing for a Move

When it comes to having a smooth move, there are some key things you can do to ensure everything goes well. One of those things is inventorying your items when you are packing. Although it takes a little bit of extra time and effort, it is well worth it. Here are the main benefits of…

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How to Avoid Breaking Things When Moving

One of the biggest fears when moving is that something will break or get damaged along the way. There are a lot of factors to consider, but having a damage-free move is completely possible if you are careful and follow some simple tips and tricks. At Megan’s Moving, safety is one of our highest priorities.…

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5 Tips for Packing Bedding and Linens for a Move

Packing bedding and linens for a move is one of the easiest parts of the job. They are lightweight, malleable, and unbreakable. There are still some packing tips for these items that you’ll want to follow to ensure nothing gets damaged during the move. These tips will also help the first night in your new…

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The Best Way to Pack Books for a Move

For book lovers, one of the most challenging aspects of a move can be moving their library. They quickly take up spaces in boxes, which can be some of the heaviest of the bunch and unpacking them can become very time-consuming if they weren’t packed and labeled properly. Follow these tips on packing books for…

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How to Create a Kitchen Survival Kit for Moving Day

Moving day and the few days following it are the most stressful. The last thing you want to do is go hunting through your kitchen boxes to find each thing you need to prepare a meal or at the very least comfortably eat the delicious food you just had delivered. When you are packing up…

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5 Things You Definitely Should Label When Moving

Labels are your best friends when you are moving. They help you keep things organized and under control to reduce stress throughout the process, from packing to unpacking. The more you label, the less you’ll have to worry about later. While you may be tempted to rush through the packing process, we strongly recommend taking…

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How to Safely Pack Artwork and Wall Hangings for a Move

Some of the most fragile items you’ll have to move are artwork and mirrors. These items can be awkward depending on their size, as well as delicate due to glass and other elements. It’s important to take the proper care and precautions to make sure they make it safely through the journey from one place…

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How to Pack Up Your Garage for a Move


The garage is often put off as one of the last places people pack up for a move. It’s understandable why – there is a lot of clutter out there that you probably haven’t thought about for years. However, it’s good to tackle the garage sooner rather than later. Follow these tips for packing up…

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