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Tips for Packing Items in a Storage Unit

A couple lifting boxes by a storage unit.

Need to temporarily store your belongings? Whether you’re transitioning between homes, downsizing, or renovating a home, a storage unit is a great solution. We’ve gathered our best tips for packing items into a storage unit. Decide What Kind of Storage Unit You Need Determine the right size for the items you plan on storing. Also,…

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How To Safely Pack Artwork for a Move

When moving, there are some items that require extra care. This includes pieces that tend to be more expensive and irreplaceable like artwork. It’s important to make sure your art pieces are safely packed so they won’t get damaged. Here are some tips on how to safely pack artwork for a move. Gather the Right…

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7 Tips for Packing Up Holiday Decorations

A lady placing green garland into a box.

Now that the holidays are over, many people have already started taking down their Christmas trees and decorations. Some people take theirs down before the New Year while others wait for the Three Kings holiday to pass. If you haven’t already taken yours down, we’ve gathered some tips for packing up your holiday decorations. If…

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Tips for Packing Electronics

Electronic in a box.

When moving, it’s important to take extra measures in keeping your belongings safe. This is especially true for your pricier investments that are expensive to replace. This includes electronics like computers, tablets, video game systems, and televisions. We’ve compiled a list of tips for packing electronics safely. Save Boxes for Repacking The best boxes to…

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