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Joyful black family moving boxes into new home.

Avoid These 3 Moving Mistakes

Since moving takes a lot of mental energy and planning, it can be difficult to remember everything that needs to get done. Along with your everyday responsibilities, there are added…

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Suburban street.

Moving to Orlando: A Guide to West Orlando Neighborhoods

Next up on our tour of places to live in Orlando is west Orlando neighborhoods. Home to many elegant estates, most of these neighborhoods are affluent and suburban. If you…

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Overview shot of a suburb neighborhood.

Moving to Orlando: A Guide to East Orlando Neighborhoods

As a continuation of our tour through places to live in Orlando, we’ll be exploring the east Orlando Neighborhoods. The majority of these neighborhoods consist of homeowners in their mid-forties.…

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Overhead view of suburban neighborhood.

Moving to Orlando: A Guide to South Orlando Neighborhoods

Let’s continue our tour of places to live in Orlando. Last week, we explored north Orlando neighborhoods. This week, we’ll explore south Orlando neighborhoods. The demographic of homeowners in this…

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Items you might find in a moving survival kit: bottled water, toilet paper, aspirin, bandaids, etc.

How to Make a DIY Moving Survival Kit During COVID-19

Moving is hard. Ask anyone who has moved before, and they will tell you just how difficult it was. Learning how to make a DIY moving survival kit is one…

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Senior couple drinking coffee and looking out the living room window while standing next to cardboard boxes on moving day

5 Common Things You Forget When Moving

There are so many things you can forget to do when moving. After all, there’s a lot to think about when moving to a new home. Not only do you…

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A mother who looks too busy to move, holding her child and working on the computer.

Too Busy to Move? Here’s How to Get It Done

Moving is a time-consuming experience. For some of us, it’s hard enough to find time to cook a meal let alone plan and execute a big move from one house…

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Moving Safety Tips

When moving, it’s important to keep safety a priority. Your personal safety is even more vital than the safety of your belongings. It’s helpful to be aware of common safety…

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