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Fun family activities in Orlando

Moving to Orlando: Family Fun Beyond the Theme Parks

Are you moving to Orlando? You might just be surprised by how much more there is to do outside of the theme parks. Although it’s known for its tourist attractions,…

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Glass table top in a modern dining room

The Right Way to Pack Glass for a Move

When moving, there are some fragile items—like glass—that require extra care. Often, glass pieces like glass table tops are unique pieces that are difficult (not to mention expensive!) to replace.…

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Little girl holding a moving box with parents behind her

7 Tips to Make Moving with Kids Easier

Moving is a big life event that has a different impact on everyone. For kids, it can be an unsettling experience that disrupts what they know and changes their daily…

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Living room with moving boxes and a parts box

1 Simple Way to Keep Your Sanity During a Move

Have you ever started assembling furniture after a move only to discover that you have a couple of missing pieces that you can’t seem to find anywhere? It’s the worst!…

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Two hands interlocked in a handshake in front of a house

Meeting Your Neighbors After a Move

Meeting new people, especially neighbors, can be tough and even a little awkward. Breaking the ice doesn’t come naturally to most people. You may also feel so busy after your…

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Family having fun after a move

Fun Family Activity Ideas after Moving

A move can be a stressful experience for everyone involved. At the very least, your life will feel a little uprooted for a while as you settle into a new…

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African American woman smiling while wearing a hat and sunglasses

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Florida

Each year, more than 300,000 people move to Florida. What can we say? It’s a great place to live! As a Central Florida moving company, we are proud of our…

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downsizing made simple

5 Tips for Downsizing

Thanks to the rise of Marie Kondo, downsizing is in. In fact, we’ve become nearly obsessed with decluttering our spaces and living tiny. And why not? Downsizing your home can…

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