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Binding vs. Non-Binding Estimates

Choosing the right movers is a big step in preparing for a move. When making the decision, it’s helpful to gather moving estimates from a handful of movers to compare. Gathering estimates will help you prepare financially. It’s important to note that quotes or estimates can be verbal, but moving companies are only bound by the info on written statements. As you are choosing a moving company, it’s useful to be aware of the different estimate types. Let’s explore the difference between binding vs. non-binding moving estimates so you know what to expect.

Binding Moving Estimate

In a binding moving estimate, a moving company is required to honor the price they provide as long as nothing changes. The binding estimate should accurately describe the shipment along with all the services that will be provided. Payment is due at the time of delivery.

Non-binding Moving Estimate

A non-binding moving estimate is the mover’s best guess of your moving cost. The final cost is usually determined by the weight of the shipment along with the services provided. The actual bill can end up going much higher than the estimate. However, the mover can only require you to pay 110% of the written estimate of the time of delivery. The remaining charges can be billed later.

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Megan’s Moving provides a non-binding estimate, but we do our best to account for all costs during our in-person consultations with our clients. There’s a reason we were voted a top Orlando moving company again last year.

Tips for Gathering Moving Estimates

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The cost of moving depends on multiple factors.

The cost of moving can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands since it depends on many factors. It can depend on who you hire, how far you’re moving, and which services you choose. The time of year can also affect your moving costs. Charges are usually higher during the summer.

Be aware of additional fees.

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Be aware of the additional fees each moving company charges. Some companies charge an extra fee if stairs are involved in the move. Many companies charge a fee for long carry.  This extra charge occurs when movers have to carry furniture or boxes a long distance between the moving truck and your house. Moving companies also may charge for specialty items like pianos or large safes.

Don’t sign blank documents.

This seems obvious, but it’s important to keep in mind just in case you get pressured to do so. Beware of signing any incomplete estimates and getting scammed as a result. You may end up signing an incomplete estimate that dishonest movers may add charges to later.

Estimates determined by weight are more accurate.

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You can always ask how a moving company determines its rates. It’s always more accurate if the moving company charges by weight. When moving companies charge by volume, it’s easy for them to overcharge based on cubic feet. That is why charging based on cubic feet is illegal in many states. Being charged by the pound is ideal.

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The most accurate quotes are determined by in-home walkthroughs or inspections. When a moving company gives you an estimate, they should include a full list of the inventory they are moving. This is often referred to as a cube sheet or table of measurements. We recommend double-checking it for accuracy. Make sure each piece of furniture is listed.

For more tips on preparing for your move, check out this post.

Hire a White Glove Moving Company

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There’s more to consinder than binding vs. non-binding moving estimates. When choosing a moving company, we recommend selecting one that offers in-person consultations with clients. This method gives you an opportunity to get a feel for the moving company before committing. It also the best way for movers to give you the fairest price for your home. At Megan’s Moving, we offer in-person consultations and are committed to offering the best white glove moving services to our valued customers. Request a quote for your full-service move today!

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