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Avoid These 3 Moving Mistakes

Since moving takes a lot of mental energy and planning, it can be difficult to remember everything that needs to get done. Along with your everyday responsibilities, there are added stresses from COVID-19. To simplify your move, avoid these three common moving mistakes.

1. Forgetting to turn on/off your utilities

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After you move, you’ll probably want access to your utilities right away. That’s why you should set up the service at least a week or two ahead of your move. Don’t forget to also schedule your utilities termination for your old home one to two weeks ahead of time. This will help avoid any expensive past-due bills.

If you forget to transfer, cancel, or turn on your utilities, it can create more stress. By just setting aside some time to make a few phone calls, you can create a smoother transition and have a less stressful move.

When it comes to planning a move, organization is key. One of our favorite ways to stay organized is by creating checklists. Create a checklist for your utilities — one for your old house and one for your new house. It will be helpful to order each checklist by priority. For example, power and water will likely be on the top of your list. In contrast, internet and home security are not as vital. Think about what will make your family the most comfortable within the first few days of moving in.

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Other items that may be listed on your utilities checklist may include water and sewer, electricity, gas, trash pickup and recycling, internet, cable or satellite TV, a landline telephone, and home security.

On your checklist, include the category, provider, contact information, and action you need to take. Examples of actions would be: transfer, cancel, or set up. Think about what utilities you can keep and which new services you will need to set up. Usually, if you’re just moving within the same city, your water can be transferred. If it’s a new city, you’ll probably need a new provider. Numbers for utility companies can usually be found on the city or municipal governments’ websites.

2. Not giving good directions to your new home

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You’ll want to make sure to give detailed directions to anyone who needs access to your home from moving companies to service providers. Giving accurate directions to your new home is especially important if your home is a new build. Sometimes the street same address exists in different cities or zip codes. On top of that, new builds are often not visible on a map.

3. Adding extra stops to your move at the last minute

If you need to make multiple stops the day of your move, it’s important that you plan this out in advance and inform your moving company. For example, you might need to bring pieces of furniture to a friend or family member’s home or put some of your belongings in storage. If you tell your moving company in advance, they will be able to more efficiently load the moving truck by putting the items you need to drop off close to the door.

For more moving tips on what not to forget, check out this post.

Hire A White Glove Moving Company

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If you avoid these three common moving mistakes, you’ll have a more seamless and efficient move. Although these tips are helpful, there’s no better solution for a painless move than hiring a white glove moving company. Consider hiring the professional team at Megan’s Moving. You’ll get to take care of your normal responsibilities while we take care of the entire moving process. Schedule a moving consultation with one of our expert movers today!

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